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  • kevinpaul124
    8 hours 50 minutes ago

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  • AngieA created a new topic ' MCS sufferer with a chest infection' in the forum.

    Hello all, a urgent question I need to ask is...

    is there any antibiotics for chest infections that I can inhale other than swallowing as I am very reactive and have severe food and medication...

  • Maff replied to the topic 'Blood Type and MCS....pls weigh in' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Hi DyNAMiCS, blood type as indicator of MCS susceptibility is a very interesting hypothesis. I presume this is roughly where you are going with your question? I've never in 20 years of researching the...

  • DyNAMiCS created a new topic ' Blood Type and MCS....pls weigh in' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Hello everyone with MCS,

    If you know your blood type (ABO system) please weigh in; I'll follow up afterwards...(testing broad hypothesis). Thank you.

  • Maff updated article: Ways To Boost Your Mood
    3 days ago
  • mlapenna created a new topic ' CFS/ME Registry' in the forum.
    5 days ago

    Good day members.
    The research and studies around CFS/ME is certainly ramping up. It seems gut bacteria is believed to be involved in the illness. And I think it is generally accepted that it could...

  • Greenlyme07 created a new topic ' Need assistance' in the forum.
    6 days ago

    Who can I contact by phone about toxic computer parts?
    Thank you.

  • Ngoc Lan
    1 week ago

    What is meant by Lead representational system and how to detect it

    Maff The Lead Representation System in NLP is considered to be the dominant, or primary, way in which an individual represents the world around them in their minds. For example, some people are more visually orientated, while others are more influenced by sounds (auditory) or feelings (kinesthetic).
    7 days ago
  • carmelacruz00 added a new comment in How to Protect Your Eyes and Maintain Good Sight
    1 week ago

    When it comes to protecting your eyes, it starts with getting a comprehensive eye exam. The majority of vision problems do not have symptoms in their early stages. Due to this, many people would only find out about their vision problems by the time i

  • Maff updated article: The Gupta Programme
    1 week ago

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