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  • Maff replied to the topic 'Looking for a doctor' in the forum.

    Hi Cath,

    Along with Dr. Myhill who has been my main go to doctor for 20 years, Dr. Pouria at The Burghwood Clinic in Surrey seems to come highly recommended by many. If you have the time you might...

  • Cath replied to the topic 'Looking for a doctor' in the forum.


    Has anyone seen Dr. Damien Downing and if so, what was their experience?

  • Maff replied to the topic 'Medical Mysteries TV Documentary' in the forum.

    Most definitely! I should have mentioned that as I'll make sure anyone else who wants to take part is happy with what they're being asked to do and contracts are signed before filming as well.

    I'm in...

  • Jodie replied to the topic 'Medical Mysteries TV Documentary' in the forum.

    I hope you're setting the T&Cs this time Maffles, & make them sign it in blood :side:

  • Maff created a new topic ' Medical Mysteries TV Documentary' in the forum.

    Hi All,

    I've been contacted by a Tigress Productions here in the UK. They are making a 6 to 8 episode documentary series named 'Medical Mysteries' for Channel 5 about illnesses like those we all...

  • Cath thanks user 'Jodie' in the forum message ' Looking for a doctor'.
  • Jodie replied to the topic 'Looking for a doctor' in the forum.

    Hi Cath

    These have been recommended in the past

    I haven't seen any of...

  • Cath created a new topic ' Looking for a doctor' in the forum.

    I have been suffering with worsening MCS symptoms over the last year. I am a cook, and spend a lot of time baking cakes. For around three years I inhaled pretty huge amounts of flour and icing...

  • NJ Safe Housing in the US
    16 hours 47 minutes ago

    I live in the north and cannot find a heating system that does not trigger severe MCS symptoms, I have tried radiant heating but both Pex and Onyx tubing affect me when heated. I am considering hot air with an air exchange. Has anyone had any good, or bad, results with this type or other heating systems? I feel like I just keep throwing money at this problem!

    Maff Hi NJ, being a Brit I can't say I'm an expert in US heating systems but an air exchange (which I assume is like a ducted air system?) seems risky given you'll be breathing in everything that comes through it. Perhaps with the right filters in place though...
    Are there any Americans from northern States who've found a suitable solution? I hope you solve the problem soon NJ without spending a fortune.
    3 hours 49 minutes ago
  • Jodie replied to the topic 'Mast Cell Activation Disorder as cause of MCS' in the forum.

    Anyone who wants to keep up with research on MCAD/S could check the research group on Facebook-

    Also this group is extremely busy,...

  • Maff mikeg_373
    2 days ago

    Hi Mike. I know you're interested in sulfur metabolism. If you use the Google search box (very top right) to search for keywords including sulfur/sulphur and sulfites/sulphites you will find a number of articles on how the two forms can affect the body, both negatively and positively. Additionally, I recommend Dr. Amy Yasko's work on variations in genes controlling enzymes like sulfite oxidase.

  • Maff replied to the topic 'Severe MCS symptoms after giving birth' in the forum.

    You're welcome Marie, sorry for taking a while to reply again.

    A lot of people seem to think MCS is permanent and I feel spreading this message can be very damaging as it takes away hope from people...

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  • Marie replied to the topic 'Severe MCS symptoms after giving birth' in the forum.

    Thank you for your comment Maff.
    You say you have recovered from MCS. I didnt think that was possible. Did you go from being reactive to chemicals, to completely symptom-free. Can you now do all the...

  • Maff cpafsn
    1 week ago

    Hi Aaron and welcome. It's great to meet others who despite suffering from fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and other multi-system illnesses are able to take a proactive approach and setup groups to support others in a similar situation. I try to do the same here with EiR despite having been diagnosed with ME/CFS aged 11/12 and then developed and overcome all sorts of related complications!

  • Jodie replied to the topic 'Wooden flooring with MCS' in the forum.

    Not yet no, in the middle of painting a small room ready to do tester wooden floor. White paint over original bright blue, 4th coat coming up :-/

  • Lilies32 replied to the topic 'Wooden flooring with MCS' in the forum.

    Have you had any fitted?
    What about vinyl flooring?

  • Lilies32 replied to the topic 'Doctor in London familiar with MCAD' in the forum.

    yes he is at Guys and St Thomas for NHS referrals.
    Privately there is also Dr Seneviratne at St Marys

  • Maff added a new comment in How I Healed Myself from Fibromyalgia
    1 week ago

    Hi All, I first want to reply to Julia (rather belated!) as I was introduced serendipitously to the same Buddhist mantra when I was at my lowest suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and all manner of

  • Maff replied to the topic 'Meditation/Relaxation turns 100s of genes on & off' in the forum.

    Great post as usual Jodie! Ties in well with my own experience as I'd been meditating for 30 minutes twice daily for a couple of years before I recovered from MCS and I felt the difference in my...

  • Maff thanks user 'Sheila Powers' in the forum message ' Severe MCS symptoms after giving birth'.

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