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  • Karmakid
    2 days ago

    I am trying to get answers, my son has been suffering from heart problems for years, he is only 45, has undergone three open heart surgeries and they still are not able to figure out what is wrong to help him. They say his heart looks like the heart of an 80 year old man. He fought in dessert storm and I think it could be connected to something he was exposed to. I have to find answers before...

  • Maff created a new topic ' Best Natural Treatments for Athlete's Foot?' in the forum.

    Does anybody have any tried and tested suggestions for treating athlete's foot and fungal skin and nail infections naturally? I've had athlete's foot for about 15 years around the little toe of one...

  • Maff Saints
    2 days ago

    Hi Saints, good to have you with us! I see you mention your environmental illness is building related. Have you read our page on Sick Building Syndrome? You can find it here:

    You might also be interested in Dr. Lisa Nagy's articles under the Information -> Our Medical Experts menu.

  • Sheila Powers replied to the topic 'Severe MCS symptoms after giving birth' in the forum.

    Wow. Yes there is definitely something to this. I think hormones play a big role. They have to because my reactions are unpredictable and severe during PMS.
    I had my daughter just over three years...

  • Maff replied to the topic 'Visual contrast sensitivity test' in the forum.

    Thanks for posting this Hanna!

    This is indeed a great online tool and I know a lot of environmental medicine doctors use it themselves when assessing their patients. I personally took the test a few...

  • Maff replied to the topic 'Petition for EI mom - wants to keep her kids' in the forum.

    Thank you for posting this Jodie. It sounds like the Mom is going through a terrible time and at real risk of losing her kids - on top of having to deal with environmental illness and all the rest...

  • Maff Gena
    3 days ago

    Hello Gena, welcome to the EiR community! We hope you find the information about environmental and invisible illnesses useful and please post in the forums or groups etc if we can help you with any health issues or general questions you may have.

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  • Maff added a new comment in Visible Signs of Invisible Illnesses
    4 days ago

    Hi Linz! Nice to see my fantastic sister checking in on her big brother Glad you liked my article and those are some really great suggestions - it looks like I'll need to do a re-write to include them! For the benefit of other readers, both Lindsay

    Jodie oh alright then - super-hard work being a new-ish mum
    2 days ago
  • Jodie created a new topic ' Petition for EI mom wants to keep her kids' in the forum.

    Another one of those "it's all in your head" battles.
    I feel very strongly about it this,...

  • Jodie replied to the topic 'Severe MCS symptoms after giving birth' in the forum.

    So sorry you had to go thru that Marie. It's bad enough having to cope with a newborn , let alone getting knocked sideways by severe MCS as well.
    I don't think anyone here has mentioned this problem...

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  • Marie created a new topic ' Severe symptoms after giving birth' in the forum.

    I have MCS, and in the months following births of both of my children I experienced severe symptoms, even when not exposed to chemicals. They were so extreme that first I didn't even relate them to...

  • Maff Marie
    5 days ago

    Hello Marie and welcome to our community. It's always nice to see visitors from Scandinavia joining us - I've made some great friends from Norway through the site in the past who have also been keen to share their environmental and invisible illness experiences to help out others!
    Best wishes from the UK

    Maff You're welcome Marie. I've read your forum post and really feel for you. There's obviously no "good" time to develop multiple chemical sensitivity...but after giving birth must be hugely challenging and frightening. I hope someone out there has been through a similar experience and can offer you support and advice. I'll do what I can to offer general advice on MCS and hopefully you'll find useful information here at EiR. All the best to you and your family!
    5 days ago
  • Maff reedgibs
    5 days ago

    Hi Reed, welcome to EiR! Although those of us who suffer (or have suffered in my own case) from environmental and invisible illnesses generally tend to avoid medications in an effort to avoid a high 'toxic burden' there are certainly cases when medications can be useful. Would you be able to share anything with our community that might help people e.g. saving money on medicines they need? Thanks!

  • Maff jesslily
    5 days ago

    Hi there, I wanted to introduce myself and welcome you to The Environmental Illness Resource. I'm Matthew (Maff) - sole Founder and Owner here and always about to offer support in any way I can. I can't imagine dealing with both Parkinson's and EI. I hope you don't mind me asking which came first and if you feel there was a connection? I myself was diagnosed with ME/CFS aged 12..then came MCS

    Maff You're welcome Jess, it's not an easy task running this site alone but one of the positives is that I get to meet a lot of lovely people like yourself - albeit mostly not under the best of circumstances!
    Thank you for sharing your story with us, I don't think we've had anyone diagnosed with PD and MCS join us before and hence it's not something I've looked into or written about so you've given me something new to consider adding to the site. From an objective point of view it's interesting that you have had heavy chemical exposures leading up to your diagnoses of both PD and MCS and have discovered you possess certain genetic mutations (I assume associated with detox, methylation cycle and CNS enzymes?). I wouldn't disagree with you at all that PD may be a form of EI given what you've experienced and shared above. I would go further and suggest links between EI and other chronic and degenerative diseases; in most cases though the EI component may go undiagnosed or even unrecognised by the patient themselves. It would be easy to envisage patients in your situation simply accepting all their symptoms were a part of living with PD.
    I too have multiple genetic mutations (mostly homozygous (++) ) in genes that code for methylation, glutathione and stress response / cognitive function (COMT). I believe my exposures came predominantly from within my own gut with a compromised gut ecology from birth that was only worsened by multiple rounds of antibiotics for recurring ENT infections as a child; the result being ME/CFS and MCS. Thankfully I've recovered from the MCS (11 years now) and the ME/CFS is manageable.
    Sorry for going on - bad habit! I hope you find some useful information here and I'll point you to anything I feel may be of interest. You might like to take a look at a blog series I wrote about Pathological Detoxifiers (just type those keywords into the search box at the very top right of the page beside the main menu).
    Oh and thank you for your kind words. I won't pretend it has been easy living with ME/CFS from such a young age but on the flip side it has given my life a fulfilling purpose and direction I would not otherwise have had or taken. We must always look for the positives...very best wishes!
    4 days ago 1
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  • Maff added a new comment in My Candida Hell: Chronic Ethanol and Acetaldehyde Poisoning
    5 days ago

    Hi Michelle, Pete, CherryTree and All, I'm still following comments across the site closely and appreciate you all taking the time to share your own experiences and what has helped you. We're much better when we work together, given the general lack

  • Maff added a new comment in Pathological Detoxifiers and Environmental Illness
    6 days ago

    You're welcome Jason. I've had a lot of positive feedback about this blog series so I'm glad it's been a good guide for yourself and others. To answer your question, it took maybe a month to see any noticeable improvement and I saw real benefits afte

  • HannaR created a new topic ' Visual contrast sensitivity test' in the forum.

    Hello there,
    Just thought I'd post to spread the word about this very handy test I've come across at You can get a basic test for free, with further tests by donation. In itself, the test...

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  • Maff replied to Metametrix Microbial Organic Acids Test Results Discussion
    6 days ago
    No problem Steven. Dr. Myhill does have a very comprehensive site so well worth reading through the sections that might apply to you. She does tend...
  • cherrytree added a new comment in My Candida Hell: Chronic Ethanol and Acetaldehyde Poisoning
    7 days ago

    Maff, I was shocked to find your article today - I could relate to a lot of what you've been through. I could never understand where all my water retention and inflammation would come from, and now this makes so much sense when you add the MCS, alc

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