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  • Maff replied to the topic 'Mast Cell Activation Disorder as cause of MCS' in the forum.

    Hi Bruce and Jodie!

    My thoughts as someone who suffered severe MCS for approximately 5 years (housebound, wearing carbon filter masks even indoors) but managed to recover through very strict...

  • Jodie
    7 days ago

    Hi folks - the gremlins have been shut back in their box for now, hopefully everyone can now add posts + reply to posts. If anyone has any probs pls message myself or Maff - the messaging system still seemed to work fine even when the posting system didn't!
    Have a good day! xJodie

  • Sandra Rae
    1 week ago

    Has anyone reacted to revolution dog medicine ? Its the liguid you put on the dog's neck to clear them of fleas. parasites & heartworm, that stays in their system for 4 to 5 weeks. I didn't put it on her myself, my husband did, but I have been reacting quite badly ever since. I have been checking into it from every angle I can think of. The company that makes it assured me that I couldn't be...

    Jodie Hi Sandra,

    There's info here you can read thru on Allergies and MCS

    Your doc will probably do some tests - patch tests, blood tests, prick tests. It's a long time since I had mine done so I'm not so up on current tests, but those should show whether you have 'classic' allergies, those are usually IGE mediated - your doc should be able to tell you if you have high IGE antibody count. Mine came up with nothing unusual there. I was also tested for Porphyria, Mastocytosis, & various endocrinology probs (thyroid, liver etc), all negative, so I put myself under the MCS heading. However antihistamines work on many of my symptoms & I now have a diagnosis of Mast Cell Activation Disorder, mainly based on 17 years of symptoms & tests ruling out everything else. Mast cells are the little b#ggers that explode releasing histamine and a lot of other nasties whether you have classic allergies or a Mast Cell disorder. So most ppl use a combination of avoidance of triggers, meds (antihistamines & mast cell stabilisers) sometimes diet as well (e.g. low histamine foods) to stay out of trouble. Note you can also have a combination of classic allergies + MCS or other stuff going on, it is not necessarily either/or. Good luck with the doc ! let's hope he's one of the sensible ones, but if not go find another..don't be fobbed off!
    7 days ago 1
  • Bell shared a photo in Supporting The Methylation Cycle

    My single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) results that relate to methylation cycle dysfunction/blocks.
    Maff Was there another image with your SNP results Bell? This just seems to be a comparison of ancestry genotyping companies...
    6 days ago
  • Jodie replied to the topic 'Re-cleaning Carpet Via Hypo Allergenic Methods?' in the forum.

    Bumping this up as having to look again at carpet cleaning. This is a system I have not come across before but might be worth a try - it's a dry cleaning system involving tiny sponges. There's some...

  • Jodie replied to the topic 'Carpeting with MCS' in the forum.

    Moving onto the living room - this carpeting just might be feasible. It's expensive but you don't need underlay even on a concrete floor, which cuts the cost, so it's probably about the same £'s as...

  • Jodie
    2 weeks ago

    Hi folks, it seems some people are having trouble posting/ replying to posts - we are trying to sort this out .. please bear with us! Jodie

  • Jodie created a new topic ' Recommendations for Masks?' in the forum.

    I tried the I Can Breathe mask, apart from being comfortable I found it to be useless for more than one wear, as even your own breath makes it smelly after a couple of hours , and yes I brush, floss &...

  • Jodie replied to the topic 'Mast Cell Activation Disorder as cause of MCS' in the forum.

    LOL sorry Bruce, it was the first thing that came into my head :D

    A question which is puzzling me tho which you might be able to answer - What is the difference between MCAS and MCAD?

    I also...

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  • Bruce Hart replied to the topic 'Mast Cell Activation Disorder as cause of MCS' in the forum.

    Thanks Jodie for sharing my MCAD website. :) Sorry for taking so long to reply on here.

    Hmmm... "a guy from Planet Thrive" lol That may mislead people's impression of me a bit since I'm a black...

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  • CazNZ Ashok Gupta's Amygdala Retraining
    3 weeks ago

    I see there are two others who have joined this group. I just wanted to say that the Gupta Programme was the best $200 I've spent on getting myself well. I still do the techniques. I do have mild after reactions but as each month passes my health improves just that little bit more.

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    4 weeks ago

    Excellent article - thanks for the great info! It should be noted that fluoroquinolone antibiotics - cipro, levaquin, avelox and floxin - have been found to severely deplete glutathione. Here is an article about it -

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  • Gayl H
    4 weeks ago

    Was the protocol page taken down?

  • marcus replied to Cures for MCS
    1 month ago
  • Jodie replied to Cures for MCS
    1 month ago
    Thanks Marcus. What brand of Liposomal Glutathione would you recommend? I tried Glutathione cream once as I don't tolerate oral supplements well....
  • marcus posted a new discussion

    1 month ago

    Cures for MCS

    Ok, so there is no such thing as a cure, just remedial actions we can take. Having suffered from MCS 15 years, all I care about is a CURE though!...

    Surviving Multiple Chemical Sensitivity!

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