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  • FloxieHope added a new comment in Increase Glutathione: 5 ways to restore this major antioxidant and detoxifier to healthy levels

    Excellent article - thanks for the great info! It should be noted that fluoroquinolone antibiotics - cipro, levaquin, avelox and floxin - have been found to severely deplete glutathione. Here is an article about it -

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  • Gayl H
    2 days ago

    Was the protocol page taken down?

  • marcus replied to Cures for MCS
    3 days ago
  • Jodie replied to Cures for MCS
    6 days ago
    Thanks Marcus. What brand of Liposomal Glutathione would you recommend? I tried Glutathione cream once as I don't tolerate oral supplements well....
  • marcus posted a new discussion

    6 days ago

    Cures for MCS

    Ok, so there is no such thing as a cure, just remedial actions we can take. Having suffered from MCS 15 years, all I care about is a CURE though!...

    Surviving Multiple Chemical Sensitivity!
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    6 days ago

    Jodie Please explain this product - what is it made of, how does it work? Thanks, Jodie.
    6 days ago
  • jazzpollard created a new blog post, Natural Home Remedies For Taking Care Of Your Skin

    It's spring, finally--Goodbye icy mornings and hello sunshine! Spring though may not sound all that fun when your skin is dull, dry or, breaking out from the frost.  Skin problems in spring get worse because many of us falsely ...

  • Jodie replied to Make your own suncream!
    2 weeks ago
    hmm sporty stuff and still not water resistant? Think u r supposed to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours anyway, but I'd be looking for something more...
  • CazNZ replied to Make your own suncream!
    2 weeks ago
    I have the baby and sport variety of Badger sunscreen. I bought them from iherb.
  • Jodie replied to Make your own suncream!
    2 weeks ago
    Interesting, the one I saw was aimed at surfers. Maybe theres more than one high SPF Badger..I just clicked on the first one I saw in Amazon.
  • CazNZ replied to Make your own suncream!
    2 weeks ago
    The Badger sunscreen leaves a bit of a white sheen on the skin but it does work. My little grandchildren do not burn when using it. We have found...
  • Jodie replied to Make your own suncream!
    3 weeks ago
    oo the Badger sunscreen looks really interesting! I've sent a link round on FB , hope the family will use it, & for visiting cynics who don't...
  • Jodie commented on the photo sime-ria surfing aus

    3 weeks ago

    My Aussie son & his buddies - mid winter there and they still get to the beach! Hope everyone's having a good one, we're having a cracker of a...

  • Jodie replied to the topic 'Which Natural Hay Fever Treatments Work?' in the forum.

    I might try one of these, I'm plagued with ongoing sinus infection atm, 5 weeks and counting, think it's probably part of a mast cell prob, easily triggered by something in the environment, which then...

  • jazzpollard created a new blog post, Can You Reduce Wrinkles With Food?

    Introduction Wrinkles are developments that occur in men and women as they age and they are inevitable. This is usually caused by a decrease in the production of collagen and this causes the skin to lose the firmne ...

  • CaringCounselor Survivor shared a photo.
    3 weeks ago

    My dear sweet girl puppy Zena - she is 5 pounds now and over 4 months old.

  • Bushi replied to the topic 'Which Natural Hay Fever Treatments Work?' in the forum.

    Oh....and I also have one of these..... nasal light things which i bought in Lloyds pharmacy.

    There have been some old studies done this in the past which did seem to show it helped reducing...

  • Bushi replied to the topic 'Which Natural Hay Fever Treatments Work?' in the forum.


    Came acrross these products (Allergena) and thought you could take a look at them. They are homeopathic sublingual drops against allergens, i.e... to build up a tolerance like...

  • Rebowe Surviving Multiple Chemical Sensitivity!
    3 weeks ago

    I was exposed to toxic mold in 2004. I developed MCS very severely. My reactions would be anaphylaxis, brain fog, seizure type reactions and feeling like my tongue was going numb and I was going to swallow it! What really helped me finally minimize my sensitivities greatly was a product called KOLOREX by Nature's Sources. It reduced my candida greatly because it is an herb that grows in the...

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