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  • MysteryEiR replied to the topic 'Crowdfunding for ME / CFS Project' in the forum.

    Thank you for sharing Jodie. This is from the lead researcher:

    "I think that the microbiome is going to be where the action is [in ME/CFS]... I am really eager to pursue that work."
    Dr. W. Ian Lipkin

    I too...

  • MysteryEiR created a new topic ' Which pesticides were Gulf War vets exposed to?' in the forum.

    I notice this site has a lot of information relating to Gulf War Syndrome and was just wondering if any Gulf War veterans out there could tell us first hand what types of pesticides they were exposed...

  • MysteryEiR replied to the topic 'Virtual Environmental Sensitivities Symposium 23/3' in the forum.

    Wow, what a great lineup! I'll definitely be signing up and spreading the word about this. I can't wait to learn what new information these esteemed EI community researchers and clinicians have for us...

  • Maff created a new blog post, Seasonal Affective Disorder: What It Is and What It Is Not

    Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Through the Seasons Seasonal Affective Disorder (known widely by the appropriate acronym - ...

  • jason34 replied to the topic 'Virtual Environmental Sensitivities Symposium 23/3' in the forum.

    Great, i will definitely will be there!
    Thanks for sharing the link.

  • Jodie created a new topic ' Virtual Environmental Sensitivities Symposium 23/3' in the forum.

    This 8 day virtual symposium is free and will include Dr Martin Pall & Ashok Gupta amongst many others-

    More info:...

  • LikeTheOdds replied to the topic 'SIBO/Candida' in the forum.

    Yes, I too have chronic pain, and I know it is directly affected by eating yeast, sugar, most fruits, all nuts except almonds. Basically ALL the foods that supposedly "feed" candida, make my pain...

  • Edie
    3 weeks ago

    New to this site, so not sure if this is the right group. I am hypo adrenal and hypo thyroid with Hashimotos anitbodies. I am scared b/c my landlord will be tent fumigating my place in 5 days with Vikane ( surfuryl fluoride) which my landlord/owner believes is safe b/ Dow vhemical says so. If I ahd th money to move, I would. Upon retruning I plan to stay in the yard in a tent for two weeks....

  • ataraxy added a new comment in The Environmental Illness Resource Needs Your Help!
    3 weeks ago

    1. Have you thought about applying for funding from any funding bodies? I know that MCS Aware have got Big Lottery Fund money in the past. 2. Are you set up for Gift Aid? That will increase the value of any donations from UK taxpayers.

  • giorgib1 replied to the topic 'What to expect from Candida die-off?' in the forum.

    so after all this time what are your thoughts on Candigest plus. I just took my first pill and am hoping I made the right choice!

  • vG3 added a new comment in Urgent Health Issues Regarding Invisalign Braces
    3 weeks ago

    I read the thread and a couple of people touched on what I think the issue is. Firstly, diarrhea and the like, is not uncommon with "healthy" people who have orthodontics. I have a tooth chart in my cupboard which points out which organs are associat

  • ksmitt replied to the topic 'About Hypoglycemia' in the forum.

    Hypoglycemia is a difficult topic. I always thought I was healthy. The best answers to your questions I have found in the follwing article, really has helped me to understnd and make positive changes:...

  • DanielaReed added a new comment in Coca-Cola Life: Not The Healthy Choice It Appears To Be
    4 weeks ago

    Thanks for the information. I will come back here soon.

  • Belle22 thanks user 'Jodie' in the forum message ' Methyl cycle defects & DNA testing'.
  • jason34 replied to How to beat Formaldehyde?
    4 weeks ago
    Good that you find a way of more controlling the products you are using. Good luck with your battle Dawndy! Maff, i have looked at my blood results...
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    1 month ago
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  • youngspoint
    1 month ago

    Has anyone figured out a way to travel by air? With MCS sitting in an airplane for hours is just not possible!! I can handle an hour or so in the airport lounge area with my N95 with charcoal filter mask, but after that the elastics start hurting my head and I get a headache!! If anyone has any practical and preferably cheap ideas I would love to hear about them!

    Maff I used to manage entire airport and flights wearing my charcoal mask, which attracted a lot of unwanted attention but kept me symptom-free! Have you tried a personal air purifier in addition to your mask? Also, this may seem entirely counter-intuitive but diazepam (Valium) actually dampened my reactions significantly when taken post-exposure. Anti-histamines may also work for you if you have allergy / mast cell involvement e.g. mast cell activation disorder (MCAD) - use search box top right for discussions of this topic. Sorry I can't help further. Good luck!
    4 weeks ago
  • Maff added a new comment in My Candida Hell: Chronic Ethanol and Acetaldehyde Poisoning
    1 month ago

    Yes I have seen the studies. However, not all 'auto-brewery syndrome' is caused by S. cerevisiae - any strain of yeast can grow out of control and cause excessive gut fermentation, producing ethanol. Also, a simple Google search for 'auto-brewery syn

  • Maff added a new comment in My Candida Hell: Chronic Ethanol and Acetaldehyde Poisoning
    1 month ago

    Yet these studies can still not adequately model the fact that people with gut fermentation syndromes are absorbing ethanol, methanol, acetaldehyde, ammonia, H2S and a host of other toxic chemicals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am afraid that dedi

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