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    Happy wife and mom of 4. Not sure how I got here exactly, but AFS stages progressed quickly since last July after a huge crash, and especially quickly in the month of April, until finally, here I am completely bedridden, despite a super healthy diet and a ton of rest. My sensitivities to stressors have definitely increased following childbearing years, especially my last(4th) born who is now 19 months. Have hypo thyroiditus, a whole bunch of food allergies, and GI issues. As of this past month, can't tolerate loud noises, had my first anxiety attacks (thought my blood pressure was crashing!), kind of a mess. Feels like it all stems from my brain over reacting to any stimulus and pumping loads of adrenaline. But GI issues are typically at the root of illnesses, and although I felt like I got my GI tract in pretty decent condition, something must have still been off because after a bunch of crashes, I'm here. Been in bed a month now. Also concerned about blood brain barrier not being in tact. No history of depression except for short bouts that conincied with PMS. Presently focusing on staying positive though, because it is becoming harder with being an invalid this long and losing muscle mass.

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    Bedridden (can't even stand) with AFS. Have symptoms of MCS as well. Food allergies. Anxiety. GI issues. Suspect BBB permeability as well.
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