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Laurie Price

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    My daughter (6 y.o.), began with bladder spasms, sudden incontinence, transient heart murmurs and loss of personality(all day screaming) at 2. We have a connective tissue disorder, and I couldn't believe there was something on TOP of that! We discovered accidentally that she is sensitive to dyes, then confirmed through an allergist. We added Carrageenan, and many others to the list until now she is USUALLY symptom free. A few weeks ago she went through 4 days of torture because I did not realize that they had changed the dilation drops at the eye dr. Oh my word. Hexane seems to be the common denominator. And about me-I am a loose-jointed, muscle contracted happy mama of 7, my husband is an awesome guy, and I have 4 grands now. Soon to be 5 :)

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    Other than dislocating ribs and shoulders i am great lol. We eat pretty clean, so we have optimized our health. The collagen defect also affects iron uptake so I have to stay on top of that or I get forgetful and tired and breathless.
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