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    Retired dual qualified nurse.

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    I was diagnosed with ME in 1989 (approx.) Dysbiosis seems to be the main problem, so candidiasis is a big problem for me. I have to find my own antifungals as doctors are reluctant to prescribe pharmaceutical ones long term. I'm having both EPD and Neutralisation (Burghwood Clinic) for the multiple food intolerances which are helping but also have developed intolerance to probiotics which only seems better when the candida is under control. Tried to remove heavy metals and other chemicals with IV phosphatidylcholine (Burrghwood). On paper this removed some of them but I felt worse. Did this with a view to following up with Human Microbiota Transplant at the Taymount Clinic in Hitchen, but their prices have increased. I feel I can't keep going on killing pathogens without recolonising the gut. Was previously an member of EIR but email changed and lost other details. Wondered what others might be doing about faecal transplant if I can find my way around your website which was difficult before!
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