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  • Vibrantlinda
    9 months ago

    Hi. I'm in the uk and have a daughter in law who although has had drink issues in the recent past,is adamant that her drinking has lessened or stopped,however she's still getting symptoms of severe drunkenness and also she does suffer with BV and yeast overgrowth related issues(besides suspected ABS).my son can vouch she isn't touching alcohol but as the day goes on she's slurry, falling,...

    Maff Hi VibrantLinda, good to have you with us. It sounds like your daughter-in-law is in remission from her alcohol issues so I wouldn't be surprised if what she is reporting is down to yeast overgrowth issues. If gut yeast is an issue for her (is it is for many) then her previous drinking would have been feeding this yeast and exacerbating the problem for her. Just as sugars and starches feed gut yeast, so does alcohol. Now she has stopped drinking that is a good start but in addition she may need to adopt a Stone Age / Paleo diet in order to further support her recovery. Probiotics and prebiotics as supplements and in certain foods will be of benefit but if that doesn't help her enough she may need to look into either anti-fungal herbs / supplements or even medications e.g. nystatin. I hope this helps somewhat and she feels better soon. Best wises, Maff.
    9 months ago

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