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5 Helpful Ways to Prevent Alopecia




Pensive balding man

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that often causes hair loss. Those with alopecia might have a few patches of hair coming out, or it could be a lot more, depending on the individual. Alopecia often occurs before age 30, although it can develop at any age. There is currently no cure for this condition, although different treatments exist that reduce hair loss for those with alopecia. Here are some ways you can prevent alopecia.

Eat Your Way to Hair Growth

Many times, we don’t realize how our diet plays a role in how well our hair grows. Several foods have nutrients and properties that could aid in reducing hair loss. Honey has been shown to support hair growth when used on the scalp.
In addition, oysters are high in zinc, and this mineral is essential for having healthy hair follicles. Also, salmon is excellent in preventing hair loss because of its omega-3 fatty acids. Other foods that are high in zinc include lamb, beef, chickpeas, yogurt, spinach, and chicken. Drinking plenty of water also helps as this hydrates your hair from the inside out.

Jojoba Oil

Hair experts, beauticians, and everyday people have been boasting about the benefits of jojoba oil. One reason is that it reduces dandruff and persistent scalp dryness. When you have prolonged dryness in your hair, it gradually causes hair loss. Applying generous amounts of jojoba oil keeps the scalp moisturized, and gives you healthier hair overall. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

There are several ways in which apple cider vinegar works to prevent alopecia. This vinegar is a natural moisturizer, and it seals the moisture inside your hair’s cuticles. Apple cider vinegar also helps you eliminate product buildup effectively while keeping the hair’s natural oils. Finally, it helps in reducing split ends. 


Minoxidil is a form of medication that is sold as a foam or liquid solution and can be found at most drugstores. When applying Minoxidil, your scalp and hair should be dry. You should also avoid shampooing your hair for four hours after using the medication. 

Saw Palmetto Supplements

Some people think that saw palmetto is the best dht blocker and for a good reason. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is rooted in the male testosterone and is responsible for a majority of hair loss in men and women. It is because when DHT enters the hair follicles, thinning occurs. Saw palmetto blocks the overproduction of DHT, reducing alopecia.

Manage Stress Better

Stress plays a part in alopecia development. However, stress doesn’t have to come from work or relationship related instances for it to cause alopecia. If you are experiencing a long-term illness or are recovering from surgery, the stress from those situations can lead to hair loss. 

Another source of stress is from decreasing estrogen levels. Childbirth and menopause are the main instances when women lose a lot of estrogen. You can manage stress better by meditating, reading good books, getting adequate sleep, and seeking encouragement from loved ones.
In conclusion, alopecia might be hereditary, but it doesn’t mean that this condition is not preventable. With these tips, you will have healthy hair within weeks or months. Most importantly, be confident in your hair.




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