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It keeps coming at you, like a centrifugal force taking on the persona of an industrial ham slicer chopping away at your legs, punching away at your ribs, moulding your future, with every second of every day.

You can feel out of control, lost, hopeless and about a second away from a breakdown that will leave you fighting for scraps on your knees, and begging for a hand out. 

You may turn to your higher power and ask why me? Or you may ask for the strength just to get through the day. 

The Life-Fairness Balance

The one reality that you have to face each and every day as you awake is that life is out there. It’s not fair, it knows no justice, it holds no grudges and it doesn’t discriminate. Life will not throw you a bone, it is your duty to venture into the world and grab your own piece of the pie. 

Like a tornado, it can rip through your little established path and tear the foundations of your home and uplift that comfortable soil, you all too eagerly walked upon, bare footed and gleaming with your sense of accomplishments. No matter what your perspective, you need to rise up, accept the challenge and move forward. 

Broken now and left with almost nothing the path that life has shredded out for you looks like a meagre existence compared to the one you once lived. 

On top of the world and flying high, you had no fear or worries. The point is to get back on top. To work yourself back to where you could fly, then take the leap that saw you soar. 

Sometimes, a little bit of luck gives you the edge, you might win big with horse racing betting and this will help you get back in the saddle, or, you might need to embrace what went wrong, move on and move forward. Don’t let a tornado flatten you, we all face our own storms and need to weather them.

Keep Up the Good Fight

You fight! You fight! And guess what? You fight some more. This process, this cup, this mould, this container carrying your vessel, is life and if you’re reading this it hasn’t hit you hard enough yet. 

They say what goes up, simply must come down. It’s not that everyone will fall, yet many do and sometimes the fall can kill a man. One needs to be stronger upon getting up each and every day, as this is the only way of reaching your goals. They say to be a master at something an individual requires 10 000 hours of practice. 

Well life isn't too different. You need to fall and rise 10 000 times and then keep getting up to become a master at whatever you have set your sights upon. 

Love it. Welcome it and smile upon its eager approach. Laugh at its smirk, and say you know what, hit me harder, because I’m still walking. 

All you need to remember is that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And you just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and off you go.




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