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Regular discussion of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity related issues from Lourdes Salvador of MCS America.

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Science Close to Confirming Biomarkers for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity 4357
Wi-Fi in Schools: ADHD and Other Health Concerns 2745
Aircraft Cabin Air Called into Question 4927
Beautiful Healthy Skin Without Chemicals 2486
Study Shows Symptoms Worsen from Exercise in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 2659
Study: Thimerosal Containing Vaccines Linked with Neurodevelopmental Disorders 1868
Cleaner Indoor Air Helps Disney Make Change for People with Environmental Illness 4995
Study Reveals Toxic Exposures Culprit in Gulf War Illness 2632
Pesticide Exposure Leads to Increased Body Fat in Children 2592
Xenon Gas Anesthesia May Be Suitable for Surgical Patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity 4226
Vaccines: Are They Safe: Maybe Not Say Researchers 2563
Vitamin D Deficiency Coupled with Certain Genetic Variants Associated with Food Sensitivity 3733
Chemical Sensitivity Accommodations Required in the Doctors Office 6131
Research Shows Scented Laundry Products Emit Hazardous Chemicals Through Dryer Vents 4494
Mold Exposure May Lead to Sarcoidosis 11214
Provocation Challenge Shows Electromagnetic Sensitivity a Bona Fide Illness 3897
Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Teacher with Sensitivity Disability 3324
Thimerosal in Vaccines May Increase Serotonin Neurons in the Brain 3811
EPA Bans Toxic Rat Poisons 2811
Air Freshener Nearly Kills Woman 4261