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Regular updates on chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) research and treatment from Cort Johnson.

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Obama Requests NIH Elevate Priority of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1850
CDC Study Suggests Reward Center of the Brain is Rather Quiet in CFS 1539
National CFIDS Foundation Funds Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gene Study 2112
A Biological Cause of Poor Stress Management Found in CFS 1700
All in the Family: A Real Disorder After All – The Albright CFS Heredity Study 1546
The X Drug For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: CMX001 Promises Help 1936
Reinventing CFS: the International Consensus Criteria for ME 2341
Light on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Study - the Dorsal Ganglia - the Herpesviruses 2104
Let the Games Begin: Dr Cheney Reports Lipkin XMRV CFS Study to Begin 2339
What Science Giveth Science Try to Taketh Away: Science Journal Asks WPI To Retract XMRV CFS Paper 3199
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Pathophysiology of Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) Infection 3028
Straight Talk From Dr Montoya: the Stanford Hospital CFS Lecture (March 2011) 3403
Proteins on the Brain: Spinal Tapping for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 3240
2011: A Look at the Year Ahead For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 3326
Whats next for XMRV? 3030
Lost in the World: The Romberg Stance and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 3755
Four Viruses: Alter Paper Confirms Retroviral Activity in CFS 3080
XMRV at the Fed: Conspiracy or Confusion 3700
Dr Nancy Klimas on Her New Clinic and More 4801
Learning CFS: Dr Lerner on his Longterm Antiviral Treatment Study 3932