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I came across this talk being given by Prof Pall. The first half of his talk is on MCS and is very interesting indeed:
495 days ago
Greetings Miche. I've been on the supplements since early September. Although I am still just as chemical sensitive I am feeling so much better. Headaches gone (except with exposures), depression completely gone (oh the relief), imflammation reduced and pain, even with exposures has reduced by 60-70%. I am very delighted. I do have other issues arising, including fatigue, but that may have been going to happen anyway. I used this information for starting the supplements Also Prof Pall kindly sent me a recent publication he has delivered to GPs. Maff how do I copy a pdf to Miche?
542 days ago
Hi Miche, you can find a list of treatments in the first article listed in the announcement above (The NO! OH NOO! Theory and Suggestions for Treatment). You could also visit the 'Therapy' page at Prof. Pall's website -
Good luck with your studies!
543 days ago
Hi, how do I find a list of the recommended supplements without having to read the literature? I'm involved in my diploma studies and don't have time to read up on this.
543 days ago

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