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Erica White: Beat Candida Cookbook Maff Hot
Written by Maff     April 10, 2012    
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Over 250 recipes and a 4-point plan to cure candidiasis and build the immune system.


When your immune system is low the yeast, candida albicans can proliferate. Erica White, who cured her own ME (and candida) with this plan and is now a respected nutritionist who lectures all over the world, includes over 250 recipes (many given to her by her clients).


The book also includes the following:

  • detailed questionnaire helping to identify symptoms
  • foods to choose and foods to avoid (including sugars – even fructose and lactose)
  • an immune-boosting 4 point plan: which includes using probiotic supplements to put healthy flora (‘friendly’ bacteria) back into your system (supplement – acidophilus)

About the Author
Trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, Erica White is a qualified Nutrition Consultant with a very busy practice in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England. She began working on digestive problems after being diagnosed as having candidiasis -- transforming her health and her life with her '4-point plan' which is detailed in Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook. She lectures all over the World. She has also written another book, M.E.: Sailing Free.


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