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Is a Stomach Bacteria the Cause of Baby Colic?


If you’ve ever taken care of a crying baby, you know how miserable it can be when you can’t seem to console this bundle of love and what’s-supposed-to-be joy. Now, imagine those moments amplified times ten, and prolonged for hours on end…every day…for weeks or months. This is what parents of babies with colic experience. 

What’s even more frustrating is that doctors don’t really know the cause of colic. Is it a change in environment from the womb to a new world over-filled with stimulation? Is it a reaction to mother’s milk? Is it acid reflux? We don’t really know. We just know that about 20% of all babies get it and they eventually grow out of it.

But recently, a study published in theArchives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine gained a bit of media attention. The study found a possible link between stomach bacteria and babies with colic. Let’s research this together and find out what this means for us parents living in near-insanity.

How Was the Study Performed?
For us science-minded folks, the details of how the study was carried out are important in order to learn how valid the results of the study actually are.


Listen to the audio report here: Source