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Die-off and meditation

Interesting first week on the Threelac.

I made the initial mistake of continuing the dose of my regular probiotic (50 bill per capsule) whilst introducing one sachet of Threelac. As a result my brain fog reached mach 10 in a couple of days which resulted in poor sleep, accompanied by general mild die off symptoms. I quickly cut back the dose to prevent anything too strenuous.
The good news is my liver and bowel movements have been holding up well. Threelac and die-off in general both often result in constipation in the early stages which makes clearing out Candida equivalent to skating uphill.  

Had a quick look into molybdenum. As is the case with most supplements there are positives and negative arguments. The positive side suggests that molybdenum is a mineral that can break down acetaldehyde (one of the Candida toxins) into acetic acid. As Acetaldehyde cannot be excreted from the body, it accumulates, stressing the liver. Its accumulation in the body is (apparently) responsible for muscle weakness, irritation and pain. The flip side is apparently it can cause copper deficiency, which has some nasty symptoms if severe.

I’ve decided to order a bottle and try a drop a day as it’s relatively cheap.   

I also tried my some meditation at the local Buddhist centre. Attempting this whilst you have die off and brain fog is tricky, but I still found it worthwhile. The ‘style’ of meditation is simply mindfulness meditation, aimed at maintaining your focus in the present. Those that have read books by Eckhart Tolle will be familiar with the principals and benefits of attempting to live in the present, and it’s difficult to find fault with the concepts. Unfortunately those that have a mental component to illness will find it difficult, as I discovered last night, however despite feeling like the whole experience was difficult, upon exiting the meditation I did notice a slight shift in consciousness which hopefully meant on some level, however small, I was able to focus on the present for sections of time.