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Marriage after MCS

So where do I start here...I have 2 kids..12 and 2..I met Jon my husband in 2006 and we hit it off.  We had a lot in common..we listened to the same music, love to drink alcohol!! Camping, concerts..everything it seems. We fell in love at the start.  We were married in 2007 and had a child together in 2008. Right after my 2nd child I started to notice smoke and fragrance bothering me and slowly it came to me being homebound now.

Our marriage was great great great to now I can't stand being in the same room as him! I am worried he will bring smells home from work or who he has been around.  MCS has taken its toll on us both which I acknowledge is my fault to begin with because if I didn't have this then we might be fine again.


I don't know what to do anymore, I rather live with myself and 2 kids..not with him. He adds so much stress that I already have......... MCS has ruined my life for sure..