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Travelling through the World with EI

My EI has not acted up for awhile due to my diligent efforts to adhere to my routine.......except I had a reaction to Trader Joe's Rio Pink Grapefruit Juice because it contained filtrated water.

My system is so sensitive that I have to drink ONLY natural spring water or I get bloated easily. I have to brush my teeth and rinse with only natural spring water, as well. Crazy.

People like me with an EXTREME EI face fears of an outbreak when  travelling to another country. There is the notion that there will be no access to our usual products that are usually reliable like my Cetaphil.

Also, now with the inability to carry liquids in our carry-on and the extreme baggage fees for excess weight ( I was charged 80 U.S. Dollars in India for carrying too many Cetaphil Gentle Skin they sell that in a small Indian village. ) , it is a challenge.  

I remember the panic I felt when I couldn't find natural spring water in Transylvania, friends egged me on to just brush by the nearby river......very understanding....I dealt with the uncomfortable bloated sensation from filtered Romanian water till I reached a big urban area. I told myself calmly that I know what is causing this sensation. I will not let in ruin the trip and accept the reaction. I will be fine once I reach an urban area, I told myself. So I threw cautioned to the wind and got even more bloated on amazing Romanian beer.

Thankfully, I travel with " healthy " people that actually use hotel shampoos and soaps( even in third world countries.....Laotian soap, anyone ), so they have extra weight in their luggage....they have been grateful enough to carry my necessities.

Vinegar is easy to buy in MOST countries and I, despite the hotel's vehement protest, do my own laundry at the hotel's laundromat.....or find a local one. Carry your own pillowcase and sheets if you want to be more extreme....I confess I do.

A word to EI people : when travelling to third world countries, you should first investigate the necessary shots and begin to ponder upon whether or not you will have a reaction. Get this shot WAY IN ADVANCE. I got various shots before I went to India and South Africa, and thankfully, I did it in advance. It took me one month to get that nauseous sensation out of my system...then on to your trip...but those of you who are SEVERLY IMMUNE DAMAGED might discuss this with your doctor before you embark on any shots or exotic trips.

I am planning a trip to Egypt and Greece and I am terribly worried about a reaction to honey which is practically unavoidable ( especially in Egypt ). I had a reaction to baklava at an Armenian bakery in Los Angeles. I had to apply a cream for several days on painful rashes.....but when I went to Morocco, I had alot of dishes unknowingly with honey..I had no reactions.  Reason ? I did some research which indicated that people with honey allergies may react to some forms of honey while not another.......My allergy skin test indicated that I am NOT allergic to honey, at all.........My doctor was not willing to continue this investigation after the skin test result...Frustrating.

Perhaps, I may have had reactions to another toxin and the honey provided a light trigger.....Such as when people with EI have major dental work react severly to usually moderate causes....who knows....I am arming myself with this cream and unfortunately I will avoid all the amazing honeyed desserts just to play it safe......

That's it for now.

Peace and safe travels....