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HELP!! 2 years 10 months ago #1

  • Justino83
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i think i posted this in the wrong section before! sorry

hello, new to the site looking for some help.
I recently been told that i may be suffering from MCS or Sick house Syndrome.
my symptoms started in june of 2015, i was trying to switch from a side to a back sleeper, and bought a new pillow (memory foam) and noticed i was getting a pin and needles sensation in my arms, blood work was done can i came back fine except b12 was minimally low. i was prescribed b12 to take orally and my pins and needles stayed i thought i could of hurt my neck with the new pillow and removed it, pin and needles stopped shortly after. Fast forward to feb of this year, pins and needles started to reappear, in march i went on a trip to mexico and it was the worse experience of my life, i started getting muscle cramps i over my body after returning from the trip the cramp subsided to just being in my calf muscles. pins and needles have come and gone, and i have started to get tension headaches that sent me to the ER had chest X-ray, CTScan of head all fine. 3 blood tests and a muscle inflammation test later and still no answers. (B12 is now fine)
Went to see a naturopath and they told me that MCS could be my issue, was referred to a naturopathic specialist in the environment and they concluded that there is a strong possibility i have MCS:

from my exposure to:
my job: gas fitter, solvents, caulking, pic glue, refrigerant,
and my house:
renovations: new laminate,tiles, counters, and couches on main floor, new carpet in basement, drywall, painting, tiles cabinets backsplash, fireplace..
lots of work in a two year period.
concluded that the memory foam pillow and the trip to mexico (cleaners, and airplane chemicals to fight diseases) put me over the top with chemical exposure

my list of symptoms include from most frequent to least
Muscle cramps, pins and needles, tension headache, stiff neck memory fog, extreme fatigue, forgetfulness, anxiety(never had in my life I'm 33) pin prick sensation occasionally.

I'm just looking for some guidance, as to what i can do to help my situation.
are these symptom similar to what others have experienced?
what has help heal some of you?
what can i do to help myself?
any good material to read to help me better understand my situation?
any way for confirming that this is my actual issue?

thanks for all of your help in advance!
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HELP!! 2 years 10 months ago #2

  • Jodie
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Hi Justino, it is possible you have MCS - there are no real tests tho & you'd need to rule out everything else that your docs think might be causing this & see if you can avoid trigger chems as much as poss. Keep a note of everyday exposures & your symptoms & see if you can find connections. Here's our page for MCS www.ei-resource.org/illness-information/...hemical-sensitivity/ ... here's a wiki page for MCS en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_chemical_sensitivity. If you look at other newbies' posts here there's lots of info too. Many support groups generally & on FB. I was dx'd with this en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mast_cell_activation_syndrome b/c a couple of antihistamines work on symptoms.. it seems to be a more "acceptable" dx for doctors. There is massive resistance to giving credence to MCS as a condition, even tho obv the sheer amount of alien stuff our bods are forced to deal with 24/7 is certain to have some sort of effect on our biology...and it points the finger at a powerful chemical industry - - who is going to take that on? Its not going to happen. 21st C life runs on chems. :-/
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HELP!! 2 years 10 months ago #3

  • Bobbo
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This may not be helpful, but I've had frequent pins and needles when I try to sleep. I have a Sleep Number bed (which has all but eliminated the painful "Charlie horses" I would wake up with from my old mattress) I try to sleep on my side, switching from left to right several times per night. When congestion or GERD is acting up I sleep sitting up.

Sometimes sitting up I will get pins and needles between my shoulder blades. Other times I'll get it in my shoulders or all along the side of my abdomen when I sleep on my side. This happened a lot while I was remodeling recently, but I don't think it was from the tile or adhesives- I did the work myself, putting extra strain on my back and neck injuries. Even though I stretched thoroughly afterwards, these repairs really taxed my body to its limits. I haven't kept a written log of this but my pins and needles usually seem to follow an over-exertion earlier in the day.

Now that you mention it, these sensations became more frequent since I got a memory foam pillow. I wonder if that type of pillow could actually be exacerbating it somehow?
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