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TOPIC: Help for my fiance MCS

Help for my fiance MCS 3 weeks 23 hours ago #1

Hi all,
New to the site any help would be great.

It first started around 4 years ago my fiance was sat next to a plug in air freshner for a few hours and her nose started to sting at the beginning after waking up the next morning her nose had completely dried up sinuses had swollen closed and severe sinus pain in the forhead under the eyes and in the nose which lasted for 2 weeks. Then wore some perfume and all the symptoms came back the same for another 2weeks, then after this everytime she smelt any chemical fragrance it would do the same and now her nose has been dry for 4years and becomes so dry that it burns and irritated. we have had to live fragrance free for 4 years. She has tried:
Nasal irrigation ( Dries it out)
Anti histamines (Dries it out)
Steroid nasal spray (Dries it out)
Decongetant nasal spray (dries it out)
Humidifier (dries it out)
Steam inhalation (works for few minutes then dries back out)
Reffered to ENT Consultant ( had camera in nose and down to throat and was told nothing apart from avoid fragrance for rest of her life)
Tried coconut oil to moisten the nose but cant put it high in sinuses where needed so no good
She refuses to use nasal moisturisers due to chemicals and preservatives
The only thing that seems to help is living fragrance free which is hard due to cant open own windows in the summer due to neighbours using aftershaves perfumes etc which come through the windows and people dont understand this.
Cant afford to move house else we be in middle of field where there no one about.
This has got her down and depressed and has now no job or social life cant claim benefits because this is not a known illness and is seen as all in her imagination. Now expecting our first child together and is terrified of going to hospital when going into labor due to the fragrance and chemicals.

Sorry for the long post but we dont get no help or understanding from anyone.

Thanks for reading
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Help for my fiance MCS 2 weeks 6 days ago #2

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Your story about your fiance seems very much like mine and I really sympathise with you. It must be very difficult for your fiance at this time being pregnant. Let us hope that this illness gets recognised sooner rather than later so that the medical profession will take the necessary precautions when we have to visit surgeries and hospitals.
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