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The aim of The Environmental Illness Resource is to bring you as much reliable information about environmental illnesses as possible, as well as creating a community where those affected by these illnesses can share their experiences and knowledge and get to know each other.


The site has various features that allow visitors to get involved and express their opinions which we'll describe later.


We appreciate that not everyone is an expert when it comes to computers and that cognitive symptoms such as brain fog don't help one bit. To help you out we have written guides to the more complicated sections of the site.


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*Requires registration (free)


As you can see the site has a wealth of features. All of the information is available for any visitor to browse. To be able to contribute by posting in the forums, writing reviews and more you will need to register. You also need to register to access the community features and interact with other registered users.





First of all, registration is entirely free. Registration simply gives you access to the more advanced features of the site. Be assured that no information you submit is shared with anybody and you are only required to give your name and email address to become a registered user of The Environmental Illness Resource.


On the right hand side of the site you will see the 'User Login' module. This is where registered users login to the site. At the bottom you will see 'No account yet? Register'. To register click on the link. You will now be taken to the registration form.


The registration form asks for basic information to set up your account. Only the fields with a blue star next to them are required, the others are optional information you may wish to provide. First of all, enter the security code shown in the box above the form. This prevents automatic software programs from gaining access to the site. Now fill in your name, a username you wish to use on the site, your email address*, and the password you wish to use. Finally enter your password again. You can complete the other fields if you wish or leave them blank. Now click 'Send Registration'.


* Your email address is not shown to other users unless you send them an email through our forms.


You will be taken to a page letting you know that an email has been sent to the address you provided with your account details and link you need to click to activate your account. If the link does not work then simply copy the address and paste it into your web browser. You will now be taken to a page letting you know your registration is complete (you will also be sent a confirmation email).


You can now login to the site by typing the username and password you provided into the User Login module.


After logging in you will be taken to your user profile. To learn more about user profiles please visit Profile & User Menu help.



User Login Module


When you are logged in the User Login Module displays your profile image. Below this you will be notified when another user has requested a connection with you or when you have unread private messages. Clicking on the notifications will take you to the relevant page.


To learn more about connections and private message please visit Profile & User Menu help.


Now that you are a registered user of the site you are able to do all the things listed in the table above. To get help using specific areas of the site please visit the main help section menu.



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