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Detoxify or Die Hot

Detoxify or Die

by Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.


Leading environmental medicine authority, Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., takes us on an enlightening but often disturbing journey of discovery regarding environmental chemicals and our health. The book educates the reader about the sources of potentially harmful chemicals in our environment from pthalates and bisphenol A in plastic drinks bottles and childrens toys to pesticides on foods and in our drinking water. Dr. Rogers then describes how these chemicals affect the functioning of every system in the body from the brain and nervous system to the immune system and thyroid gland. She also explains that our bodies stockpile many of these chemicals in fatty tissues rather than getting rid of them so that we become increasingly toxic if we do nothing to address the situation. This can only lead to disease. The book which cites 700 scientific papers describes how exposure to chemicals can contribute to or even cause a wide range of illnesses which plague modern society including Parkinson's disease, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), and allergies. Finally Dr. Rogers explains how our toxic load can be reduced through making intelligent choices when it comes to consumer chemical products and also by improving our detoxification capacity through nutritonal therapy and a unique sauna therapy called the far infrared sauna (FIRS).


From the back cover. Functional medicine pioneer Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D, has this to say about Detoxify or Die:


"Sherry Rogers, M.D., has been a leading environmental medicine authority for more than twenty years. She has authored books for both the health professional and the general public that have contributed significantly to the 'changing of the guard' in medicine. Her most recent book Detoxify or Die is a "tour de force" that demonstrates the importance of understanding the role that toxins both from the outside world and produced inside our bodies have on the origin of complex illnesses. The book is highly referenced from the medical literature and goes beyond just telling us of the problem, but provides ways of treating the problems. I believe this book should have an important place in the education of all people concerned about their health as they grow older and what they can do to improve their health outcomes."


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