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Looking for Friends with MCS and help building a safe home.  I recently suffered a house fire in a small town in Mt.  I am relocating to a healthier North Idaho area and have insurance money to rebuild.

i am finding builders and materials providers with in depth knowledge of what MCS means to every day life and to building a safe home are few and far between.  even green builders say everything has to gas out and it takes an average of 5 years.  I would not be able to live to enjoy  my new house in that case..   

No one seems to realize that if my house isn't safe, it's a death sentence to me.  I often feel terrified over living through this and ending up with a healthy home I can thrive in. My house was very small so my insurance co. has allowed me 4 months to rebuild which is partially passed.  

 I'm wishing, hoping and praying that i find the answers here as i see no way to relocate anywhere else and my family is near.  I do wish there were more resources here, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  There are a few green builders but I'm learning that green doesn't mean non toxic.  It seems to have more to do with how woods are harvested and cleaned up after the products are made.

 I had a serious reaction testing a so called green sub floor material  from LP,  i'm sorry i can't recall the name of it now.  I told the chemist that i had had a reaction to it and he said it was the formaldehyde in it!  But, that there was such a slight amount that it was not harmful, that everything has formaldehyde in it naturally anyway. When I told him  i had been poisoned on formaldehyde, in a coma from it and left chemically sensitive, he said, oh don't use it then.  I asked about alternatives and he answered,  "Well, plywood. "  Some of which I do know is very low and was useable for a house I was involved in building after my coma,  almost 30 years ago.  I thought from the information going around about green building and clean air in green homes that things would be better than they are now. 

I really appreciate this site at this particular time in my life.  It feels good to connect with people who understand these problems, even though I can't see you and haven't heard from anyone yet and who don't likely laugh, criticize and accuse you of being a hypochondriac or manipulator. It's been a long hard row to hoe where even my intimate family judged against me at a time i was very very ill. it was devastating. 

So, Thank You very much.







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written by Matthew Hogg, June 21, 2010
Hi Jacquelyn,

Sorry to hear about your situation but it's good that you have insurance money to enable you to do something about it. Hopefully you may end up being better off with a safer home environment. You are going about it the right way by seeking advice on green building and creating a healthy home.

I would suggest you contact Stephen Collette, a Building Biology Environmental Consultant, who is an expert in creating healthy homes for MCS sufferers. We have a number of his articles on this site and his website can be found at He may be able to offer advice over the phone or recommend someone with the same skills closer to you.

I would also recommend you check out a couple of sites run by fellow MCS sufferers: MCS Safe Homes and re|shelter

I hope this helps and I sincerely hope you are able to create a safe environment for yourself.

All the best,


written by phillip, June 23, 2010
I recovered from MCS in Nelson, B.C. not far from Couer D'Alene --just across the border. What cured me most was lead chelation, provided by Dr. Paterson in Creston, a town on the border near you.
I built a clean, chemical-free house for myself to live in. It is possible. There is a white insulation which does not have formaldehyde. Plywood does have it, and especially particle-board, or strand-board as it's sometoimes called. Only solid wood is free of it; and can still be hard to take unless it is well dried out. Still, any surface can be painted with Allergy Research's "Hard Seal." This is a clear, shiny finish that seals out gases. I've used it on toxic wallpaper, hardwood floors and other things with excellent results. It smells bad for two hours after applying; but then is fine. This material has been key for me to make a space safe for me. I recommend building a modest, small house using carefully selected materials. Also extremely helpful is heat recovery ventilation equipment. With this you can have filtered fresh air 24 hours a day, and never have to worry about car exhaust, smoke from fires outside, nor about toxins building up in the air inside. Email me for more information anytime:
written by Norman Zboray, July 10, 2010
Hi Jacquelyn,

I totally understand you situation with trying to source products and knowledge for your building project. I agree with the previous posts but can add a few items that I have noticed in the Green building industry. A huge disconnect is present between Green building and creating a healthy home environment. I have actually blogged about this topic on my website. I am sure you have heard of LEED buildings and many other certification acronyms. Be very careful on who is creating these groups. Some are created by industry trade groups. We created our company due to all of the confusion in the green marketplace. One idea that we suggest to clients is to request samples of products and check your reaction. This has been very successful in the psst with our clients and our families.

Good Luck in your Search
Norman Zboray
Green with Envy Home Store
Hillsborough, NJ 08844
written by stacy, August 07, 2010 has the best MCS, mold free house you can find, minus water-driven radiant floor heat and real stucco exterior. I would use a thin brick by timberstone. it is made of AAC which blows away ICF. DO not use anything with OSB! It grows mold like wildfire, and mold will exacerbate MCS. AAC with metal roof and trusses is my dream home. NO toxic insulation needed.
written by kasey, August 08, 2010
LEED was created by a non-profit not-government organization, the US Green Building Council. Indoor air quality is a major consideration in the certification of LEED homes.

written by maxine, August 20, 2010
Hi my husband is in air conditioning. We both have mold problems because of his job. Now we think we have mcs to go along with it. The doctor said we would probably get real sensitive to chemicals. Be real careful with your house. Cellulose insulation is the green insulation but it makes us sick. Every time my husband has to work in it he gets sick and I have seizures, I guess from his clothes when I wash them. It is recycled paper that has lots of chemicals in it, but it is considered green because it is recycled. They have styrofoam houses now. Sprayed in insulation in attic some kind of blocks on the walls with concrete in them and they do keep your house cooler but will probably sweat. Good luck on your house..............

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