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Our family of 11 lost our home, our possessions, and our health to toxic mold in October 2008. We have been on quest for recovery ever since. Toxic mold is a serious health issue in our country and often misdiagnosed by the medical profession. Little is known about the health implications of fungus.

 Our quest has led us to a primarily raw foods diet. We have re-located to the desert. I have a passion to help those who have connected their illness with their environment.

My personal blog contains information about multiple chemical sensitivity, symptoms of toxic mold exposure, as well as  treatment options. In addition I provide links to trusted mold websites, as well as updates to our family's story.

The blog is entitled "Our Mold Journey" and can be found here.





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written by Mariam, June 30, 2010
I just came across your message and I'm wondering if my MCS could be result of having lived in a flat maybe effected by toxic mold? Do you think 5 monthes would be enough time to be intoxicated to the point having MCS? I would appreciat if you could tell me how long did take you to get better and what are treatements did you have? Many thanks
written by Andrea Fabry, July 02, 2010
Absolutely 5 months is long enough! I have a friend who is still struggling 3 years after a 2 week exposure in a condo.
We have been recovering for 19 months now. We have come a long way...but we are not cured by any means. The best treatment has been the diet..lots of protein, little grain (any grain is soaked to reduce phytic acid)...lots of vegetables and soaked almonds and seeds. There is a brain re-training program called the Gupta program that you might consider. We have not tried it yet.
written by mold inspection Toronto, March 05, 2013
You are absolutely right Toxic mold is so much harmful for health.There are some chemical substances.You also provide treatment points for Toxic mold.Thanks for providing such important information that will help the people.Your way of writing is also so easy to understand.
written by Mandy, June 01, 2013
Hello. I've been exposed to Stachybotrys as well as high levels of Chaetomium . I've had the my too in panel performed and showed extremely high levels of Tricothecenes and Ochratoxins, with slightly elevated levels of Aflotoxins. We had moved into a renovated house that didn't have the main kitchen sink drain attached that wAs behind the subwall and that was also connected to the dishwasher and garbage disposal for six months. All of this drained into the wall of the basement and wasn't discovered until the day after Christmas when it finally reached the top to the vents and was coming out.
I thought I was dying, and to this day it is hard to even move. All this occurred from July1st-December 26th. The leasing company had it remediated, but didn't clean anything. Including the HVAC system which was in the basement.
So fast forward to us moving from that home on February 1st and until May 19th. We had moved quickly due to the whole basement being demolished as well as the leasing company not taking action to restore it in a habitable environment. We(my husband & daughter) met with Infectious Disease Control Physician, Dr. Brewer in Kansas City Missouri on April 4th & was put on Amphoterecin B nasal rinses and ordered to get our environment tested.
Well, we had it tested and they discovered a leaking roof, this was April 10th. Air and surface sample results were high, but due to the ceiling being wet, hadn't aerosolized completely to reveal even higher results when testing was done two weeks later. We notified the owners immediately when the leaking roof was discovered, and told them of our concern, but nothing was done until just last week. We've been in a hotel for two weeks now and our belongings as well as my daughters artwork remains at the residence. They've been ordered to have our property cleaned and stored until we find adequate housing. We've been terribly sick despite the amphoterecin B nasal rinses.
We won't meet with Dr. Brewer again until October since it will be six months since first visit. If you could simply guide me as to what to do, what can be done, what treatment options I have?
Any and all are appreciated.

written by Andrea Kessel Fabry, June 01, 2013
I am so sorry to hear all of this. Life will get better for you. Would you mind emailing me directly?
written by dantheman, February 02, 2014
for the past 5 years now since movimg into a new home which is an old building our family of 6 have been coming down with a wide range of symptoms starting with allergy type runny noses,sneezing,red eyes,post nasal drip and so on.leading onto feeling worn out all the time constant coughs and sinus problems and just looking awful like drug addicts pale with red rimmed eye lids with dark circles and bags under them.
anyway i began to susspect mold last year and started removing it from the windows and around sink and baths.
the other day i removed a tile from the side of the sink and was shocked to see thick furry black mold.i panicked and then went on to prising the remaining tiles up each had loads of mold it was a huge shock.
after i began getting twitches in my face and later all over my body.i guess i filled the air with spores and now feel terrible.and my poor kids and wife are all suffering a worsening and this comes soon after we took some wallpaper off which set everyones symptoms flaring up.
i am beside myself with worry and have been missing endless whole nights of sleep.
we live in a very damp part of the uk and in a very damp house which needs a fortune spending on it to be water proof.
i did some mold tests and they were positive for stachybotrys and aspergillus and penicillium so i guess i have poisoned myself with some pretty nasty stuff.
written by Andrea Kessel Fabry, February 02, 2014
I am so very sorry to hear this. Stachybotrys is very serious. You may need to re-locate in order to recover. There is another side to all of this. At least you have made the connection. I am happy to support in any way I can.
This is my direct email
written by Jhake Turner, April 08, 2014
Molds are a piece of the nature. In outside, molds have paramount impact in nature by breaking down dead natural matter, for example, fallen leaves and dead trees, and so forth. Anyway inside, mold development ought to be evaded and anticipated. Molds repeat by method for small spores; the spores are concealed to the exposed eye (just on magnifying lens) and buoy through open air and indoor air and sully zones. Mold may start to develop inside when mold spores arrive on surfaces that are wet or zones with dampness. There are numerous sorts of mold, and none of them will develop without water or dampness. Thus, dampness has extraordinary influence of it.
They assault for the most part on sustenance yet they likewise strike non-nourishment things like cowhide, wood and porcelain. Do you recognize your hypersensitive responses are more regrettable when you're at home however you feel better when you go out? All things considered, need it. If so then it’s particularly likely you could have mold. Don't go tired of staying in one spot. Discover a path for mold detection

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