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Aircraft cabin air quality investigation launched by Australian authorities


Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority has established a specialist committee to examine the quality of the air in aircraft cabins and it's relationship to a number of health concerns.

Known as the Expert Panel on Aircraft Air Quality it will investigate the potential health issues related to the quality of aircraft cabin air. It is being set up by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in conjunction with the Cabin Air Quality Reference Group - an airline, union and industry body.

The Panel will examine expert reports, invite submissions and make sure all groups with an interest in this subject have a chance to present information and viewpoints.

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - Groups and Individuals Join Forces


MICAGO MemberGroups and individuals with an interest in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity are coming together to raise awareness of this highly distressing and disabling medical condition.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is affecting an increasing number of people around the world as our living space becomes more and more polluted by synthetic fragrances and other volatile chemicals.

We now live in a toxic soup of chemicals from glues used in carpets and manufactured wood (laminate flooring, kitchen units) to flame retardents in soft furnishings and electrical appliances.......not to mention all the chemicals we intentionally pollute the air we breath with; perfume, air fresheners, fabric softener etc.

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity not related to traumatic events study finds


A new study shows that those suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity have not suffered a higher number of traumatic events in the past than healthy individuals.

The research provides further evidence that Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), or Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance (IEI) as it is referred to by the authors, is not a psychological illness.

Researchers from the Department of Clinical Psychology at the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, Germany, hypothesised that MCS is psychogenic in origin, meaning that it is a psychiatric rather than physical condition.

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity being recognised by lawmakers


A Minnesota lawmaker is making efforts to ensure that health concerns related to perfumes and other fragranced products are recognized and that educational institutions adopt policies to protect the health of students.

The campaign is being promoted by Democrat rep. Karen Clark who wishes to introduce a bill that would require both staff and students at all state schools and colleges to be made aware of the hazards associated with wearing fragrances. The aim of the bill is to protect those who are particularly sensitive to fragrances such as those with respiratory and allergic conditions such as asthma as well as those suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity.

Rep. Clark had previously tried to go further with a bill that would have seen a blanket ban on fragrances in schools. Fragrance bans such as this are being introduced voluntarily by a growing number of educational institutions in the US and Canada. These include Portland State University, Cecil College in Maryland and the University of Calgary in Canada. These bans are often implemented after students make officials aware of how detrimental fragrances are to the health of those who react to them, particularly in an enclosed classroom environment.

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May 2008 named Multiple Chemical Sensitivity awareness month in Colorado


The Governor of Colorado has signed a proclamation to make May 2008 Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Toxic Injury Awareness Month.

Governer Bill Ritter, Jr. has done a great service to those suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and toxic injury by making May an awareness month for these conditions.

This follows declarations by The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Health Observance Calendar that May 2008 be Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness and Education Month.

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