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Danish MCS Activists report about the situation for those with Chemical Sensitivity in their country


Face painted with Danish flagProvided by Chemical Sensitivity Network (CSN)

In January 2006, at the initiative of the Ministry of the Environment, a Research Centre for Chemical Sensitivities was founded in Denmark. The Center was designed to offer treatments to those with MCS and research fragrance sensitivities in more detail. The initial hope that originally flowed through this center, funded by the Ministry, was to benefit MCS sufferers and to delve into medical science for those affected. Unfortunately this hope has been shattered by recent publications. 

The EMM Blog will publish several articles reporting the consequences for MCS sufferers. Environmental health professionals and organizations must be well informed about the events in other countries and it appears that the Danish Research Centre for Chemical Sensitivities is striving to clearly influence the international science of MCS.

Series is written by Danish MCS-Activists: The Danish MCS Research Centre in the International Field of Vision

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New organisation aims to provide safe housing to those with environmental sensitivities


re|shelter logoRe|shelter is a recently launched non-profit organisation aiming to address the urgent need for safe housing for people with environmental sensitivities, who experience mild to life-threatening physical reactions to extremely low levels of chemicals, mould, electrical fields, and other environmental factors and have great difficulty living in their conventionally built homes.

The US-based charitable organisation is currently applying for 501(c)3 status and is committed to addressing the global housing crisis and high rates of homelessness and suicide within vulnerable populations affected by disabling environmental sensitivities.

The activities re|shelter plan to engage in to meet their goals include fundraising, awarding housing aid grants, facilitating the design and construction of healthy homes and communities, and using the arts to promote awareness of environmental illness (EI) and the vital importance of safe housing for sufferers.

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Employers must face multiple chemical sensitivity and toxic injury issues courts rule


Perfume BottleIn an unprecedented week the reailty of employees developing multiple chemical sensitivity and chemical injury caused by fragrances and other toxins in the workplace has been brought home to employers by the courts.

In Detroit, Michigan, USA, a city employee won a lawsuit after her managers failed to take her complaints that co-workers' perfume was making her sick. Meanwhile, in Australia, substantial damages were awarded to an airline cabin attendant whose respiratory illness was attributed to toxic cabin air.

In the first case, City of Detroit employee Susan McBride filed a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). After her complaints that a co-worker’s perfume made it difficult for her to breathe were ignored by her superiors she decided to let a court decide whether her chemical sensitivity should be taken more seriously.

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MCS researcher Martin Pall to speak in five European countries


Professor Martin Pallby Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University and Research Director, the Tenth Paradigm Research Group.

I will be giving 11 talks in five countries in Europe, starting on the tenth of April, all on the NO/ONOO cycle. Nine of these are being scheduled to correspond with my trip to Europe, including several entire meetings. The talks are as follows:

I will start with an all day workshop in Berlin, to be presented by me and also Dr. Peter Ohnsorge. My presentation will be simultaneously translated into German. I will speak on multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and on therapy and may discuss other topics that will be covered in my talk in London which follows.

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity associations in Spain to meet with Ministry of Health


Spanish National FlagPRESS RELEASE: Ministry of Health will meet with associations that deal with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Spain next February 4th 2010 (Translation by Eva Caballé).

On January 15th 2010 the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health was interviewed on “Carne Cruda”, Spanish Radio 3 Program in a special show devoted to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. He made the public commitment to meet with associations that deal with MCS between ten and twenty days after the show.

This press release is to bring you up to date on the process we are following. We want a clear process and we also want to make all of you part of it.

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