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Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 1815
Autoimmunity in autism 1816
Aberrations in folate metabolic pathway and altered susceptibility to autism 2027
The case for developmental neurotoxins contributing to a disease of neurodevelopment 1802
Prenatal, perinatal, and neonatal factors associated with autism spectrum disorders 1841
Enrichment, stress, and growth from parenting an individual with an autism spectrum disorder 1651
Advanced Paternal Age is Associated with Impaired Neurocognitive Outcomes During Infancy 1916
The plasma zinc serum copper ratio as a biomarker in children with autism spectrum disorders 2382
Hyperserotonemia in autism: activity of 5HT associated platelet proteins 2530
Executive dysfunction in treated phenylketonuric patients 1741
MRI findings in 77 children with non syndromic autistic disorder. 1800
Immune-glutamatergic dysfunction as a central mechanism of the autism spectrum disorders 2160
Nuclear and mitochondrial genome defects in autism 1744
Elevated immune response in the brain of autistic patients 1705
A possible central mechanism in autism spectrum disorders part 2: immunoexcitotoxicity 2699
Increased IgG4 levels in children with autism disorder 2204
Trends in US Autism Research Funding 1804
Sleep hygiene for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities 2070
A comprehensive review of mercury provoked autism 2198
Substitutive and dietetic approaches in childhood autistic disorder 1877