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Impact of innate immunity in a subset of children with autism spectrum disorders 1869
Gastrointestinal symptoms in children with an autism spectrum disorder and language regression 1966
The gluten-free, casein-free diet in autism: an overview with clinical implications 1940
Expression of GABA(B) Receptors Is Altered in Brains of Subjects with Autism 1532
Risperidone Induced Enuresis in Two Children with Autistic Disorder 2041
Autism prevalence and precipitation rates in California, Oregon, and Washington counties 2143
The intense world syndrome - an alternative hypothesis for autism 1910
Differential effects of tryptophan depletion on emotion processing according to face direction 1817
Electroacupuncture for children with autism spectrum disorder 1869
Advanced Parental Age and the Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder 2090
Pediatric fatality secondary to EDTA chelation 1781
Neuroligins and neurexins link synaptic function to cognitive disease 2061
GABA(A) Receptor Downregulation in Brains of Subjects with Autism 2030
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Thai autistic children 2344
Gastrointestinal Symptoms in a Sample of Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders 1743
Advanced Parental Age at Birth Is Associated With Poorer Social Functioning in Adolescent Males 1938
Comparison of blood and brain mercury levels in infant monkeys exposed to methylmercury or vaccines 1842
Behavioral effects of omega-3 Fatty Acid supplementation in young adults with severe autism 1737
Gender-selective toxicity of thimerosal 2536
Detection of autoantibodies to neural cells of the cerebellum in the plasma of subjects with autism 1993