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Multisensory hypersensitivity in women with fibromyalgia: implications for well being and intervention 1380
Mitochondrial dysfunction and mitophagy activation in blood mononuclear cells in fibromyalgia 1515
Cognitive impairment in patients with Fibromyalgia syndrome 1584
Mindfulness based stress reduction for chronic pain conditions 1772
Fascia: A missing link in our understanding of the pathology of fibromyalgia. 1564
Low-frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy in Fibromyalgia 1641
Heart rate variability as a biomarker of fibromyalgia syndrome 1672
Developments in the scientific and clinical understanding of fibromyalgia 1536
Multidisciplinary treatment of fibromyalgia 1389
Changes in hippocampal metabolites after effective treatment for fibromyalgia: a case study 1439
Preclinical and early clinical investigations related to monoaminergic pain modulation 1518
Elevated insular glutamate in fibromyalgia is associated with experimental pain 1595
Associations between polymorphisms in dopamine neurotransmitter pathway genes and pain response 1203
Pilot study of the effect of ultraviolet light on pain and mood in fibromyalgia syndrome 1547
Pool exercise for patients with fibromyalgia or chronic widespread pain 1206
An open label study adding creatine monohydrate to ongoing medical regimens in fibromyalgia 1326
Evidence for Overlap Between Urological and Nonurological Unexplained Clinical Conditions 1790
Current progress in the pharmacological therapy of fibromyalgia 1543
Cardiovascular autonomic modulation after acute resistance exercise in women with fibromyalgia 1496
Neuroendocrine dysfunction in fibromyalgia and migraine 1624