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Tight junctions, intestinal permeability, and autoimmunity 2284
Oats supplementation prevents alcohol induced gut leakiness in rats 3291
Barrier effects of nutritional factors 1731
Nutrition in heart failure: an update 2143
New therapeutic strategies for celiac disease 2216
Adrenomedullin reduces intestinal epithelial permeability in vivo and in vitro 2056
Quercetin enhances intestinal barrier function through the assembly of tight junction proteins 4728
Cows milk allergy is associated with changes in urinary organic acid concentrations 2204
A Comparison of Antibody Testing, Permeability Testing, and Zonulin Levels in Celiac Disease 2367
Principles and clinical implications of the brain gut enteric microbiota axis. 2392
Supplemental zinc reduced intestinal permeability by enhancing occludin and zonula occludens protein 2235
Mechanism of cytokine modulation of epithelial tight junction barrier 2222
Butyrate protects Caco2 cells from Campylobacter jejuni invasion and translocation 2246
The Effect of Berberine in Vitro on Tight Junctions in Human Caco2 Intestinal Epithelial Cells 2213
Protective effect of a commercial fish protein hydrolysate against small intestinal injury 2264
Protective effect of tongfu granule on intestinal mucosal barrier in patients with cirrhosis 2192
Liver involvement in celiac disease 2632
Gene expression profile of duodenal epithelial cells in response to chronic metabolic acidosis 2525
Protective effects of lactoferrin against intestinal mucosal damage induced by lipopolysaccharide 2360
Bacterial-Mucosal Interactions in Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2236