Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Research

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Prevalence of self-reported symptoms and consequences related to inhalation of airborne chemicals 2105
The challenge of multiple chemical sensitivity 1162
Odor annoyance of environmental chemicals: sensory and cognitive influences 3071
The challenge of multiple chemical sensitivity 2149
Managing environmental sensitivity 2493
Negative affect and chemical intolerance as risk factors for building-related symptoms 2166
Trauma experience in individuals with idiopathic environmental intolerance 2091
The treatment of pulmonary diseases and respiratory related conditions with inhaled glutathione 2655
Impact of air fresheners and deodorizers on the indoor total volatile organic compounds 2686
Multiple chemical sensitivity: current concepts 2470
Employment outcomes among people with multiple chemical sensitivity 3212
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome in Sjogren's Syndrome Patients 3077
Effect of long-term exposure to low-level toluene on airway inflammatory response in mice 2421
Trial of isolation of sick house syndrome and unclassified multiple chemical sensitivities 2962
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in the Clinical Setting 2509
A regional approach to assess the impact of living in a chemical world 2605
Multiple chemical sensitivities following intolerance to azo dye in sweets in a 5-year-old girl 2136
Multiple chemical sensitivity under sick-building syndrome 2215
Clinically relevant EEG studies and psychophysiological findings in multiple chemical sensitivity 2647
Proposed animal neurosensitization model for multiple chemical sensitivity in studies with formalin 2604