Anyone doing home fecal transplants in the Bay Area?

Discussion started by molteni 8 years ago

Hello everyone. I'm a graduate student at Berkeley and I'm working on a project about people suffering from gastrointetstinal illnesses that have turned to home fecal transplants in search of a cure. I'm hoping to interview a few people about their experiences, and it would be best if they were in the Bay Area so we could do it in person, but if you're further away we could set something up over the phone as well. I think this is a really important, interesting topic that not a lot of people are talking about so I'm hoping to shed some light on HPI therapies as a viable option for people who have nowhere else to turn. Thank you for listening!

Megan Molteni, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism


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Not yet. Hope to be soon. Possibly willing to talk after have started.
7 years ago
Hi Megan,

It's great to hear that you are researching this therapy and I hope very much that you are able to find enough participants to interview.

I will post a link to this discussion on our Facebook page wihich has 1400+ followers to see if I can generate more interest for you.

Good luck with it and please keep us updated on your progress!
8 years ago

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