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Environmental Test Kits


Our environmental test kits provide an affordable and convenient way for you to test air quality and detect contaminants in your home or work place that may contribute to ill-health. These tests are best used as an initial screen and if results indicate any issues it is then advisable to arrange for a professional environmental assessment to be carried out.


PIONAIR Mold Test Kit


This easy do-it-yourself kit allows you to test for the presence of mold in your breathing space. The test returns results in only three days. The kit contains components to perform one baseline (outdoor) test, and one indoor test. If you want to test multiple areas in your home, you can purchase additional Petri Dishes. The included instructional video provides valuable suggestions on where and how to set up your test and what to look for after the test is complete. For serious visible mold, you must correct the source of the problem and may want to seek local professional assistance.


The Environmental Illness Resource: Obviously mold allergies can be a major problem for many of our visitors. This test kit allows you to cheaply test levels of mold in your home so that you can locate the problem areas and take action to reduce mold levels and make your home a much more comfortable place to live.




PIONAIR Mold Test Kit - Extra Petri Dishes


Extra petri dishes for the PIONAIR Mold Test Kit, allowing you to take more samples and test for mold in different areas of your home.


The Environmental Illness Resource: Mold levels can vary greatly from room to room so it is important that you test as many rooms as possible to get an accurate picture of your exposure to mold in your home.




Watersafe - Water Quality Testing Kit


Don't Drink The Water! At least until you know what's in it. And don't let the kids drink it either. This well-designed test kit from Watersafe® offers detailed instructions and the supplies needed for a school science project or science fair, but it can also be used for checking unregulated wells, water sources for campsites, etc. Our 8-way water test kit includes checks for bacteria level, lead, pesticides, nitrites, nitrates, pH, hardness and chlorine levels. Each box includes (4) tests per parameter, complete instructions and the data sheet/project outline for school use, and is backed up by a manufacturer's website.


The Environmental Illness Resource: Having a source of pure water is essential for those with environmental illnesses. This simple test kit will test your water supply for a wide range of common contaminants so that you can be sure you are drinking pure, safe water, which is so important to your health.






TobacAlert Home Test to Measure Level of Exposure to Tobacco Products

TobacAlert is a home test that provides you with a quick, accurate, on-the-spot determination of a person's level of exposure to tobacco products including second hand smoke. It is not intended for medical use. TobacAlert is an easy to use, fast and accurate urine test strip. It can detect exposure to second hand smoke and the use of cigarettes, pipes, cigars, chewing tobacco. TobacAlert measures levels of cotinine, a byproduct of the body's breakdown of nicotine, the active ingredient found in tobacco products and tobacco smoke. Cotinine is a widely accepted indicator of recent tobacco product use and exposure, including second hand smoke exposure. Primary Uses: Detection of recent second hand smoke exposure. Potential users include parents of young children, workers in a smoky workplace and other persons concerned about the harmful effects of second hand smoke. How it works: The end of the TobacAlert strip contains gold particles coated with an antibody that selectively binds to cotinine in the urine. After the end of the strip is dipped in urine, the gold particles migrate through specialized traps in the strip. The more cotinine bound to a gold particle, the further it is able to migrate along the strip. The reddish bands seen on the developed strip correspond to gold particles caught in a particular trap. TobacAlert is extremely sensitive and can measure amounts as low as 6 nanograms of cotinine per milliliter of urine (6 billionths of a gram in one fifth of a teaspoon).


The Environmental Illness Resource: Tobacco smoke is a cocktail of toxic substances such as formaldehyde and cadmium. For those with MCS it is one of the most common triggers of symptoms. This simple urine test determines how much tobacco smoke you have recently been exposed to so can be a useful indicator of how much smoke you are inhaling say at work, or in other public spaces.


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