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  • Melinda added a new comment on the video, MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), Chemical Allergies, Environmental Illness, Tilt

    11 years ago

    Fantastic- thank you for sharing!

    chiliv369 Thank you so much for posting this video. One of the worst things about having MCS is trying to explain and convince people of what it is...that it's very serious and that it is all consuming as well as a very lonely experience. A friend of mine has just gone thru chemo and radiation treatments for cancer. As horrible as it is, she still went out to a jazz club and to a weekend yoga seminar just recently. I can barely go to the store without suffering greatly for it. She eats what she wants and can be in any social setting although she has lost her hair and has to wear a cover up. It has been ten years or more for me. She is going on less than a half a year, can eat what she wants and be around anyone. Above all she gets lots of sympathy, comforting and support. That is a huge difference.
    11 years ago

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