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    I have experienced significant challenges with EI and related disorders for over two decades. I even located to a remote location in order to avoid most pollutants and to benefit from clean air, food and water. I find that one can have a reasonable quality of life if one manages the illness and associated symptoms. I admit is becomes more complex with age . However, knowledge is power and one must constantly research and network in order to discover appropriate therapies and treatment approaches. I must say that I feel that I am well informed!

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    environmental illness, MCS - universal reactor - allergies, food and chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia; electro-magnetic sensitivity, heavy metal toxicity
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Sunday, 08 May 2011 14:26
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12 years ago
  • Maff Ginny
    12 years ago

    Hi Ginny, welcome to the EiR Community! It sounds like you have a lot of experience and knowledge that is sure to benefit others who have more recently developed EIs and are looking for answers. Good to hear you have been able to manage your condition I too have been ill for 20 years with ME/CFS and associated conditions. Thankfully I have been able to overcome MCS. Look forward to swapping sto

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