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  • Juniper replied to LDN and Candida/yeast flares
    12 years ago
    Hi Matt, Thanks so much for getting back to me about the mask. I will definitely order some. I also just started taking DHEA a few days ago after...
  • Juniper replied to LDN and Candida/yeast flares
    12 years ago
    Hi Matt, What kind of carbon filter mask did you use? I will post some things that have worked for me in a few days. This is such a good idea!
  • Maff Juniper
    12 years ago

    Wow great to hear cipro is having such positive effects. Have you been diagnosed with SIBO or anything else that would be sensitive to it? I had a bad experience with cipro causing toxic hepatitis and other have reported fluoroquinolones caused their MCS. Goes to show one man's poison is another' medicine!

    Juniper Yes I am pleased with the results. I have been tested for sibo and results were negative. How awful that you had such a bad experience on cipro. I'm almost finished and am going onto golden seal.
    12 years ago
  • Juniper
    12 years ago

    I am on ciproflaxacin for a bladder infection and "other " symptoms I've had are clearing up. I am on 1000mg a day and haven't even gotten a yeast infection. Digestion improved, chemical sensitivities leasened, searing nerve pain in my feet, etc. Anyone taken this antibiotic want to share their experience? Or would like to know more of my experience?

  • Juniper
    12 years ago

    Very happy to have had a good day! I really am grateful for this site - its been a long lonely road.... the information has been helpful, hopeful and inspiring

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