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    I'm a writer and artist living on the East Coast. Until recently, I was working at an office and living in a studio- both of which were renovated new wall to wall carpeting and fresh paint. I became extremely ill as a result and now have lost my job and have put my things in storage, not yet sure where I will live. All the doctors I've seen say there is nothing I can do, and the psychiatric professionals and people in my life continue to tell me it's in my head. I react to all perfumes, chemicals, exhaust, cleaning produce, tar, scented body products, laundry detergent, to name the main culprits. I believe it was the prolonged exposed to the toxins in my work and home environment (both new buildings without fresh air circulation that caused this condition. I have no support :(

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    Multiple chemical sensitivity
    Chronic fatigue syndrome
    Panic and Anxiety Disorder
    chronic pain from spinal degeneration
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