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    I am a scientist, a dancer, a fighter. Fighting to find a way to live in this toxic world. Things are looking brighter now. Found a little piece of heaven in the mountains of central Portugal. Fresh air, clean mountain water and amazing friends to help me along. I am now moving to this permaculture farm/spiritual community. Living in a tent and working with the earth. New hope and happiness!

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    I became ill in 2006 after I started working in a lab as part of my Biochemistry degree. I was working with formaldehyde everyday.
    I left the lab as soon as I could, and started working for a PhD in Computational Biochemistry. Still, I was working in the Chemistry department and got worse due to exposure to chemicals from the labs.
    I started working from home and got better for a while, but after a few months things started going downhill again, reacting more and more to everyday chemicals.
    In 2010 I started having digestive problems and losing weight. I took a blood test to screen for food intolerances and got numerous positives.
    In May 2011 I was left homebound with no energy, severe stomach pain from erosive gastritis, nerve pain, muscle cramps and brain fog.
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Monday, 29 August 2011 13:23
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12 years ago
  • SaraT replied to Finding the right form of meditation for YOU!
    12 years ago
    I am now practicing the mindfull meditation tecnique you described first. It is hard some days not to get caught up in your own thoughts, but it...
  • Maff SaraT
    12 years ago

    Good for you Sara. Well done for taking this brave step to regaining your health and your life!

    SaraT Leaving everything behind: husband, house, friends, work... It is so hard. But the way I was living was no life at all. Now I can feel like a normal person again! I had forgotten what it felt like not to have pain and weakness in my body everyday, and have a brain that works!
    12 years ago
  • SaraT
    12 years ago

    Coming out to everybody about MCS. Moving to a permaculture farm! I am getting my health back!!!

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