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    I am a journalist specialising in natural health and food. I am based in Leicester, UK. I also practice Bikram yoga and am writing a book about it.

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    SAD. I take milk thistle, hylauronic acid and a multi vitamin high in magnesium every day, as well as vitamin D. I also use a light box daily.
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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 18:00
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12 years ago
  • gdryden
    12 years ago

    Hey Maff. Thanks for your input

    Maff No problem
    12 years ago
  • Maff gdryden
    12 years ago

    Thank you for the lightbox advice but light therapy has been well tried and just doesn't work for me...unless it is genuine sunlight unfortunately! Vitamin D3 does a good job for mood but is overly stimulating...I meditate and practise qi gong to help calm my mind.

  • Maff gdryden
    12 years ago

    Well I can't give direct medical advice...but 200mg x 3 per day helped me recover from toxic hepatitis following a course of ciprofloxacin - no side-effects from the silymarin. I also don't think studies have shown that level to be a problem...but you'd have to double check that. Good luck!

  • gdryden
    12 years ago

    I just noted your recommended dosage of silymarin - 200mg three times a day. The one I am currently taking contains 176mg and says it is a one-a-day tablet. This is not the brand I used to use, but all this legislation madness means there is now little choice. Should I just take three of these a day?

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