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    I'm a single mom of an Extraordinary Son w/ CAH. More than 25 years experience in Alternative Health Industry, training in Applied Kinesiology, Bible Research +Study. My Higher Education is in Theater, Music (voice)+Costume Design.

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    ME-CFS/FM, Chronic Insomnia, Hoshimoto's Thyroid,Tinnitus, Migraines,Depression, etc.
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Tuesday, 08 November 2011 04:13
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11 years ago
  • Maff gridly1
    12 years ago

    Hi, I had genomic testing which revealed major inefficiencies in key methylation cycle genes/enzymes, including MTHFR. I tried Folapro but could not tolerate it - irritated my gut. Since found all methyl donors cause this. Seems to be unique to me however and I would highly recommend you give the methylation protocol a try if you have CFS and/or FM.

  • gridly1
    12 years ago

    Has anyone w/ CFS/FM tried Dr. Neal Nathan MD.'s "Methylation Protocol"? Have you tried Metagenic's Folapro (5-methyltetrahydrefolate)?…

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