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    I'm a very active stay-at-home mom with 3 kids. I really love my life and am blessed beyond measure. I enjoy my family, friends, soccer, organizing, furniture refinishing, camping, and healthy cooking/baking.

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    Chronic itching which I believe is due to Candida. I self-diagnosed myself based on symptoms and the spit test about 12 years ago and have undergone multiple remedies to kill the candida. I have had experienced periodic success that lasts from months to a few years. I have currently been using a regime of diet, 3lac, and Candex to no avail and am about to try Nystatin again...
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Thursday, 10 November 2011 19:38
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11 years ago
  • Maff Delta7
    11 years ago

    Hey! Nystatin is purely antifungal and does not kill bacteria so it doesn't matter too much when you take it. Taking it 30 mins before probiotics makes sense though as it will hopefully kill the Candida/yeast and then the probiotic bacteria can take its place. Caprylic acid does have some bacteria-killing activity so you need to space that further apart from probiotics to be safe. Good luck!

  • Delta7
    11 years ago

    Hey! New here and hoping for some advice. Chronic candida for about 12 years. Been on ThreeLac & Candex for about 4 months but not getting real relief. I have a script for Nystatin that I'm about to start, but wondering about Capyrlic Acid instead of? With? Also, when do you take the probiotics so the Nystatin wont' kill them. Does Capyrlic Acid kill probiotics? Sorry for all the ?. Thanks

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