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    Was diagnosed by several internal medicine doctors, rheumatologis, neurologist, and neuro-surgeon as having fibromyalgia. It took me years to accept my diagnosis. I have accepted it as I am in constant severe pain and every other symptom exactly as listed under the information on this site. It was like reading my own diary.

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    All the symptoms of fibromyalgia, but most recent being a little over two weeks ago I began to have vertigo and still have this aggravating, scary, sometimes hazardous symptom. I have physical and mental pain all the time.
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Thursday, 01 December 2011 05:45
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11 years ago
  • jrmccraney
    11 years ago

    It's Wednesday now. At least I think it is. I have to get up to feed the parrots. That's what keeps me going when the fibro wants to keep me in bed. I was pretty upset last night when posting so everything may have seemed pretty negative. It did to me and I wanted to tell everyone or just someone my story. I have so many events that occured in my life it seems it would take a book to get it

  • jrmccraney
    11 years ago

    I have so much I want to say that I've kept to myself because I didn't think anyone would understand because the symptoms are so many it is unconceivable. I look forward to having a place to go now and talk with other people who might understand what a typical day is like for me. Some days I just count the hours and look forward to hopefully sleeping so that day will just be over because it has

  • jrmccraney
    11 years ago

    I was just researching to find information on a few new symptoms that I was shocked to find were part of fibromyalgia. I have suffered for over a decade in severe pain from "acute" fibromyalgia. I only began having vertigo about 2 weeks ago and had assumed and was treated as an inner ear infection only the vertigo didn't go away after a complete round of antibiotics and I have had the feeling of

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