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    I am a survivor; I choose to focus on the positive aspects of life. I find gratitude helps me along this journey and finding others who are supportive really helps, too.

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    MCS, FMS, CFS, severe asthma, severe food allergies and a few other accompanying diseases . . . .
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Friday, 13 January 2012 22:43
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11 years ago
  • Maff sincerelyLaura
    11 years ago

    It certainly is a daily struggle laura. I was diagnosed with CFS in 1991 and developed MCS in 2001 (now recovered). The best we can do is try but I have certainly noticed when you get into a sustained positive frame of mind...things just go right...and vice versa! Do you meditate or pray? Meditation really helps me foster a positve attitude.

    Maff Yes, I have found the same with meditation. There's more balance when I practise it regularly and like you is more in sync. I recovered from MCS by a combination of strict chemical avoidance for a number of years, diet, supplements, herbs etc. I am currently writing an eBook detailing my theory of invisible illnesses and the logical steps to recovery...should be finished in Spring.
    11 years ago
  • Maff sincerelyLaura
    11 years ago

    Hi Laura, great "About Me"...I think those of us with invisible illnesses need to develop a sense of gratitude for the things we do have in order to be survivors. Focusing on the negatives and what we have lost doesn't do us or those around us any good! Look forward to having your positive influence on the site

    sincerelyLaura Thank you! It's a daily struggle but it's one that I strive to continue to overcome. Focusing on the positives has a tendency to accentuate the positives. I try. I don't always succeed. I suppose it's part of my humanity Take care!
    11 years ago

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