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Thursday, 19 January 2012 03:32
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  • Maff kitkat006
    11 years ago

    Hi Kat, it sounds like your home is definitely making you sick. It could be sick building syndrome - do you feel better when not in your home? If symptoms persist when you spend time away from home you may have developed multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)/environmental illness (EI). In all cases the most important first step is to find a safe place to live...

  • kitkat006
    11 years ago

    hello my name is kat. i moved into a newly built (2years old) rental home about 6months ago. 1 month after being in the house i am suffering fatigue, headaches, snuffling nose, very bad breakouts of sore lumps and spots on my neck and face, breathing difficulties and some times my eyes feel tired and look red.
    i a wondering if anyone has any advice. as i feel like paying $350 a week in rent to be

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