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Indiana Jack

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    Hi, my name is Nelson.
    I've been "disabled" with MCS & relayed conditions since 1996.
    Family walked out 1999, not good with computers, my 1st one ever now that the EMF's are lower.
    A friend showed me this site, so,, here i am!
    What's up?

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    MCS, CFS, FIBRO.,diabetic,
Member since
Sunday, 29 January 2012 20:18
Last online
10 years ago
  • Maff Indiana Jack
    10 years ago

    Wow, that's a long struggle just for accomodation Nelson. I hope you have a safe home now? Yes, CIIN is a great organisation, glad you've found them!
    Since you've registered and logged into the site here you've done the hard part. Basically just click on anything that interests you and you'll be able to read and reply (if you wish). All the best.

  • Maff Indiana Jack
    10 years ago

    Hi Nelson! Great to hear you are able to tolerate the EMFs from computers now and can join us here at EiR. Hopefully we can offer some useful information and support!

    Indiana Jack Hi Maff, thanks for the note! just learning computers, slow going all alone! I have a massive librart on this wonderful stuff, been in a fight for recognition & accommodation with the gov for 7 years now.
    Are you aware of CIIN? Chemical Injury Information Network in USA? amazing library of the most up to date info on MCS in the world! news letter published every month, tons of good info!

    10 years ago
  • Indiana Jack
    10 years ago

    so,, how does this site work? not used to computers.

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