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    Just spent 5 years helping father who died of Parkinson's. I am trying to learn all I can regarding chemical exposure, so that I can reduce my chances, or delay getting a chemically induced disease.

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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 17:12
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10 years ago
  • Maff DaiAn
    10 years ago

    ...natural personal care and cleaning products etc. Unless you are in dire need of a new mattress?

  • Maff DaiAn
    10 years ago

    Every chemically sensitive patient is different...some will be fine with "old" (couple of years+) mattresses that have out-gassed the toxic chemicals they contain, some will need something like the soy mattress you have seen, and some won't be able to be near a mattress or other furnishings at all. If you are not chemically sensitive - I would suggest it easier to reduce chemical exposure by using

  • Maff DaiAn
    10 years ago

    Hi there, for general information on reducing your chemical exposures you might find the following links helpful:…
    Or you can just use the Google site search box at the top right of the page. Take care.

  • DaiAn
    10 years ago

    I will check back later when more folks may be able to respond-Help Please!

  • DaiAn
    10 years ago

    Hello I have a question: I need a new mattress (bad back-accident), usual Mattresses are soaked in chemicals-what do chemically senitive people use? As well, I found a 97% chemical free soy mattress on line-does anyone know any thing about this?

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