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    I am a 58 year old with 29 years in the insurance business who's life turned upside down one day.

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    I have sharp pains in my temples, numbness, sticking, pinching, tingling and veins that feel like they're on fire all over my body. Cramping in my chest and rectum, joint pain, confusion, difficulty concentrating and comprehending. My perception is off and feel I'm traveling faster than actual speed when in a car. the list continues to grow as time goes on. One of my dr.'s says learn to live w/it.
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Friday, 09 March 2012 16:31
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  • gsingley
    11 years ago

    I have a Dr. in Missouri who feels strongly that I have the borrelia bacteria but feels I have more issues than just that. ( I did not test positive for borrelia) I have been researching electro magnetic hypersensativity which many of the symptoms line up perfectly with lyme. I treated with antibiotics for approx. 10 mo. with no improvement and another dr. said to discontinue treatment, as it shou

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