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    Grandmother with two adult children, one grandchild. Have been searching for answers to my family's health problems for about 20 years.
    Author of The Secrets to Recovery from Mental Illness, which includes the research of Carl Pfeiffer, M.D. on abnormal histamine levels. Scientists now prefer to talk about under-methylation or over-methylation rather than one's histamine level. I know they're either related or the same thing but I'm afraid that's all I know!

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    hypothyroid, hypoadrenal (low cortisol), low histamine (over-methylated), chronically fatigued and overweight.
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Sunday, 18 November 2012 22:06
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  • NWLinda
    10 years ago

    Just wondering
    1. if chronic fatigue happens to just over-methylatedpeople or just under-methylated people or both and
    2. why do the supplements work for both groups?
    Do they simply normalize the levels of important nutrients regardless of whether they are high or low?

    Maff Chronic fatigue could be a symptom of both over- and under-methylation Linda. You would expect it more with under-methylation however. The methylation cycle is a complex system that uses many enzymes...all of which require nutrient cofactors. The key is to keep every enzyme working synergistically at a normal rate. You would not generally take the same supplements to slow down the cycle as you would to speed it up. It is often assumed that most people with chronic fatigue and ME/CFS are under-methylating, thus a generalized supplement protocol.
    10 years ago

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