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    I was diagnosed with multiple infections (babs, bart, borelia) over 10 years ago and it's been quite the journey. Grounding, homeopathy, polarity therapy, biophoton treatment and listening to Schumann resonance has helped me more than any other modalities. I believe people can heal without seeing costly practitioners and spending their life's savings, but it takes the community coming together to help each other.

    I would like to use this forum to bounce around ideas regarding how we can reach out to our physical communities and make some change happen.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 01:13
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10 years ago
  • Maff saquarotree
    10 years ago

    Hi there and welcome! I was really intrigued by your profile. It is fantastic to read that such alternative therapies have helped you so much. I was diagnosed with CFS 22 years ago and have been through MCS and the whole works that go along with it. I too have found the biggest steps forward have come cheaply and through my own efforts. Mantra meditation has been a huge part of my healing journey

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