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    Have Lyme. But won't very very soon. ;)

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 08:30
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10 years ago
  • Maff shehoss99
    10 years ago

    Great to see your positive attitude Banish that Lyme!

    shehoss99 Hiya Maff! Did you get my message about hoping to speak to you?

    if that's too hard, here's cliff notes of quesitons:
    1. considering working with Andrea Reithmauer in Mallorca using Biophoton 880, mineral and amino acid IV's, and the phospholipid Iv's from the PK protocol....

    I am desperate and it's a lot of cash. $17,000 in the first 6 months, $40,000 over two years.

    I have been treating Lyme with moderate success for 5 years now. I need to get this over with for a bunch of reasons!

    And....I am wondeirng: should I just focus on intense dietary/gut healing and methylation instead? I do not actually have any issues with high vitamin V IV's, injections, l5MTHF orally, etc., so not sure that issue is mine....

    My gut works pretty dang well, and the bloating issues that show up sometimes, can't tell if it's candida based, food allergy based, or what... but I think the gut lining, though probably compromised is not a huge deal. I don't know how to determine that...

    so, okay, any thoughts? I can send you more info on Andrea's treatment protocols if it is helpful..

    thank you so much!
    10 years ago

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