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    I am recovering from CFS as a result of chemotherapy treatments I received when I was 14. I have done copious amounts of research, scoured scholarly journals like PLos and pubmed, watched numerous lectures, and been to many doctors. I am taking charge of my health and am doing whatever it takes to reclaim vitality and youth that was taken from me when I was diagnosed with cancer. I hope to then take the knowledge that I have learned in dealing with this illness and become a doctor myself so that I can heal others and research these syndromes further and fill in some of the missing puzzle pieces so as to optimize treatment for patients in the future. I am currently an Anthropology major but will be embarking on my first round of premedical courses this coming semester. Fingers crossed!

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    6 year cancer survivor, CFS, Hashimoto's thryoiditis, possible MCS and mercury poisoning, though the tests have not been definitive. I also am fighting off a nasty case of candida and leaky gut syndrome. I take high doses of probiotics, eat a diet low in sugar, and eat a lot of raw fermented veggies, as well as taking Nystatin daily.
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  • Maff esoterictimetraveler
    9 years ago

    ...try to help others as much as possible. I wish you all the best and hope you find something of help or interest here at EiR!

  • Maff esoterictimetraveler
    9 years ago

    Hi there..what a story!! You have already come so far I have no doubt you will achieve your admirable goal of becoming a doctor to help others who have suffered as you (and I) have. I was diagnosed with CFS on my 12th birthday (and other issues e.g. MCS subsequently) so lost my entire youth and chance at a normal life. I have run this site and gained a Bachelor's degree in Nutritional Medicine to

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