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    I was always very active in my community and had a very fulfilling but demanding job as a manager in a community services agency.
    I have two sons, 5 grandchildren and a very loving and supportive husband.
    My husband and I moved to Nova Scotia two years ago with the hopes of the fresh ocean air will be beneficial. It has been, I can be outside all day as long as no one has a wood stove going and no motor vehicles are running!

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    I was diagnosed with MCS over 10 years ago and fibromyalgia several years before that.
    I use a carbon filter N95 mask to be able to go into stores although it does not help with highly scented stores such as drug stores with the perfumer counter at the front or detergent aisles.
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    8 years ago

    Has anyone figured out a way to travel by air? With MCS sitting in an airplane for hours is just not possible!! I can handle an hour or so in the airport lounge area with my N95 with charcoal filter mask, but after that the elastics start hurting my head and I get a headache!! If anyone has any practical and preferably cheap ideas I would love to hear about them!

    Maff I used to manage entire airport and flights wearing my charcoal mask, which attracted a lot of unwanted attention but kept me symptom-free! Have you tried a personal air purifier in addition to your mask? Also, this may seem entirely counter-intuitive but diazepam (Valium) actually dampened my reactions significantly when taken post-exposure. Anti-histamines may also work for you if you have allergy / mast cell involvement e.g. mast cell activation disorder (MCAD) - use search box top right for discussions of this topic. Sorry I can't help further. Good luck!
    8 years ago

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