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  • dear all: I'm still on 4 MU Nystatin (7 months) and 200 mg Diflucan daily. Diflucan treatment will end soon to conclude a one-month long treatment.  I've taken a better look at food as medicine for allergy, candida, inflammation, d...
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  • This, from a comprehensive candida healing website: The candida diet, supplements and other treatments recommended will do a good job of increasing digestion, strengthening the walls of t...
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  • Dear all, I've met many chem sensitive sufferers since getting sick six years ago. ALL of them need to erradicate candida in order to heal, regardless of the cause of the illness. You gotta heal the gut. It's tricky, too. The candida die...
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  • Dear All, It's a stark lifestyle to live, persevere while being chemically sensitive. A safe living place is our quest.  Healing - when your body reaches a new tipping point when recovery gets the upper hand - can happen. It's then ...
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  • Dear All, Nystatin: best to use compounded pure oral Nystatin rather than the hard pill. The pill will give you indigestion -- I have some of both. Why? Medicare covers the pill and not the compounded powder. I use a pill crusher to break up...
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